Safer With Symbol

We're here to support you through COVIDÔÇÉ19.

The outbreak of COVID-19 is an ever-evolving pandemic, but Symbol keeps our CareClinics safe for regular patient care and health coaching.

We take extra precautions to make sure that patients with COVID-19 are kept separated from well patients at our clinics.


We're Open!

Symbol CareClinics are open to keep our patients SAFE, healthy and happy. Symbol is open to provide the best care in the most sanitary environment. Don't be afraid to get the medical attention you need, but do arrive with your own face mask on when we open the doors.

Call Ahead for Appointments

Calling ahead of your CareClinic visits will help Symbol staff determine whether you can avoid a physical visit and get the appropriate care you need right over the phone or not. If Telemedicine isn't right for you, we'll schedule your safe visit.

COVID-19 Screening

Symbol staff will pre-screening for COVID-19 by phone and also read patient temperatures upon arrival at the clinic. Testing for COVID-19 is available at select Symbol CareClinics. Call your clinic to see if you are eligible for onsite or in-car testing.

Disinfected Clinics

Symbol CareClinics are thoroughly disinfected after every patient, following CDC guidelines for de-contamination of exam rooms, laboratory, restrooms, and reception areas. Regular cleaning of hard surfaces and frequently handled items will continue.

Locked Doors for Your Safety

Make appointments in advance. CareClinic front doors will be locked upon your arrival, but will greet you at the door with proper personal protective equipment to ensure everyone can safely enter.

Health Coaching Options

Symbol Health Coaches are cleared to move back into clinics for onsite appointments at a safer 6+ foot distance with face masks. Coaching sessions can also be conducted over the phone.

Clinic Signage

Signage has been posted in Symbol CareClinics to remind you to maintain proper social distance, even though no more than 2 patients are expected in the common spaces at a time. Patient examinations will still occur in close, but safe, proximity.

Prescription Pick-Up Options

Symbol offers many ways for patients to get their prescription medications and essential health supplies. Make an appointment for pick-up in clinic. You may be offered a Prescription Drug Card for pick-up at your local pharmacy. Or, we may mail to your house.

Staff Safety Equipment

You may notice that your Symbol medical professionals and assistants are taking additional safety precautions by constantly wearing face masks, gloves, and protective eyewear. This is for their protection - and yours!

Face Masks & Hand Sanitizer Stations

Symbol equips all CareClinics with protective equipment to keep both patients and healthcare providers safe. If patients come in for an appointment with respiratory issues, Symbol can provide a face mask. Hand sanitizer is available in each room as added precaution.