We are pleased to announce that God provided $39 million of our $45 million goal for the Campaign for One Million Kids through the generous support from partners like you. That’s remarkable! We’re thanking God with you and for you.

But there is more. Something unexpected happened in the midst of our campaign. God moved and generosity abounded in ways we did not anticipate! 

Here are a couple examples:

- A generous partner created his own matching grant program that will invest an additional $3 million in Youth For Christ chapters over the next two years.

- Our partners exceeded our expectations through their Planned Giving with $8 million in declared future gifts.

While many dedicated their generosity towards our Campaign for One Million Kids, others like the ones mentioned above were energized to look at Youth For Christ ministry happening through efforts not specifically targeted by the campaign. More local investment, more kids empowered through Youth For Christ.


$39 million raised through the Campaign For One Million Kids will fund 87% of our strategic plan. As promised to those who generously gave towards this campaign, we will faithfully execute our strategy with every dollar provided by God.

But $6 million is still needed to cover the remaining 13% of our initiatives, including targeted growth cities included in the plan. Will you consider a special gift to help us fund the remaining 13%?  


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