Exploratory Based Testing.

A great way of screening your app or code with a fresh set of eyes before going to market, ensuring happy, satisfied clients.

It's fast, hassle free and affordable.


Inspired Testing

The BENEFITS of GTC Xplore

Manual exploratory based testing services for Mobile, Websites and 
Web applications.

  • On demand testing
  • Basic requirements - no meetings
  • Independent resources- no confirmation bias
  • Software testing best practices
  • Growing Portfolio of Personas
  • Secure payment available through PayPal
  • Zero investment in permanent testers
  • No expensive QA tool sets required
  • Client access to issue logging in Jira
  • Utilise your existing environments
  • Our people are ISTQB certified
  • 10+ devices covering Android and iOS
  • Different versions and screen sizes
  • 3 major brands: Apple, Samsung & Huawei
  • Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge

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