Mini-Webinar Series on Social Emotional Learning

Building Community in Distance LearningThursday October 8th at 12:00 PM PT / 3:00PM ET

We know this is a challenging time in education and teachers are looking for ways to support students’ sense of belonging and connection. Our 20-minute webinar will:

    • Discuss the disconnection, isolation, and disengagement that make building community in remote learning so hard
      • Explore research-backed interpersonal gratitude practices that help develop peer relationships and teacher/student connection
        • Examine reflection tasks that facilitate student check-ins and belonging

Participants will leave with free GiveThx strategies and tools they can start using immediately to build community with their students and colleagues. 

Strengthening relationships and belonging has never been more important for students and staff. We hope you’ll join us. If you cannot make it and want to check out a recording of the webinar, register and we will send a link after the live session for you to view.