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{$firstName} It’s Time to Understand “Marketing Automation”

For businesses involved in digital marketing, marketing automation has quickly become a game-changer. Customizable and scalable platforms are available to businesses of just about any size.

We’re here to help you get familiar with some basic automated marketing and sales concepts.

Breeze through this guide to learn the terms you need to know.

What is Marketing Automation?

As the name suggests, marketing automation is the use of software to “automate” many repetitive marketing tasks such as emailing, maintaining social media, and various website interactions. It drives more leads, converts those leads to sales, and demonstrates the ROI of specific marketing campaigns.

A marketing automation platform should also integrate with other marketing tools (CMS, CRM, meeting software, social media, etc.) to provide a single platform for centralized management and analysis.

What’s in the Guide?

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology is a compendium of all the marketing automation terms with which you should be familiar before getting started. After reading through the Guide, you will not only understand the terminology but also understand the basics of what marketing automation can do for your business and what features to look for when shopping for a marketing automation platform.

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