HVISION by Handtmann immediately places the Handtmann Technical Support Team at your service to walk your team through the solution you need. Each HVISION technician brings years of in-plant experience and expert knowledge of Handtmann equipment.

So, much more than smart phone remote assistance, HVISION uses interactive visual and audio support with special laser pointing, recording, zooming and much more so plant technicians and the certified Handtmann HVISION technician can work together remotely to solve problems quickly and efficiently.   

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more than smart phone remote assistance

HVISION lets you and your certified Handtmann HVISION technician work together virtually to solve problems quickly  and efficiently. Audio and visual controls integrated into the glasses  help bring both parties up to speed quickly by letting you and the Handtmann OEM technician point to the particular location with a laser pointer that’s built into the glasses, brighten an area  with the LED light or zoom in for a closer look at hard to see areas or small items like part numbers.   
The Handtmann technician can push videos, pictures, or documents that are viewable in your glasses heads-up display to show you exactly how a part can be  installed, removed, where to measure voltages, etc. You can show the technician what is occurring in real time so it can be seen and heard clearly.  All of this can be recorded to help with later collaborations, parts ordering, and other next steps.       


Hundreds of hours can potentially be saved eliminating travel time for an in-plant technician to arrive.


Real time 2-way visual communication with feedback and instructions.  New, less-experienced technicians in your plant are able to get immediate hands-on experience from our Handtmann HVISION experts.  


When your customers require privacy, you are able to control exactly what you want the technician to see.  There is no need for non-essential people to walk through the entire plant to get to the trouble hot spot. 


Less people on the plant floor reduces risk to injury.  Also, during  these uncertain COVID times, HVISION allows uninterrupted support while still adhering to health mandates and guidelines.

The Top 6 areas where HVISION is being used without travel expense

You will find HVISION is most valuable in tackling many of the common problems that have been resolved in the past with an in-plant service visit. The combination of OEM experience and plant staff skills needed for many problems is now available without the delays and expense of travel. 

Machine Assembly Problems

Applications Performance Issues

Electrical Troubleshooting

Small Component Replacement Questions

Machine Assessments and Evaluations

Unplanned Machine  Stops




32 hrs


*Based on 2 typical HVISION Solution appointments


PRODUCTION COST: dollars/hour