Our  team develops the tailor-made solutions you need for your individual  production process. We offer a scope from start-up to fully-automated,  highly industrial performance production, optionally from product  preparation to transfer to the packaging solution. 


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Better Quality Control. Shorter Mixing Times. Two interacting spirals with separate drives are the performance heart of the Inotec VarioMix. One mixer now provides the industry’s widest array of speed, power and directional mixing options for the delivery of premium quality results within the tightest specifications in short mixing times.

Meat and Sausage: New Concepts.  New Approach

See the newest Handtmann Systems and learn about the latest production processes.  See how they can help you address the current meat and sausage trends and meet evolving market shifts efficiently.

Pet Food:  Practical Innovation.  Profitable Products.

The pet food market is moving in many directions and creative Handtmann solutions can help you take advantage with sollutions that support the very efficient production of classic products, variatons on best sellers and an almost endless variety of new innovations.

Alternative Protein:  Knowing What is Feasible and How to Achieve It!

Let our Handtmann Innovation Team help you develop your newest products with the teamwork and processing sophistication that supports the strictest production standards that lets you portion product with the absolute accuracy needed to opitimize profitability.  Handtmann: your partner of choice - as a creative thinker and solution provider.



With their great track record, let the Handtmann Innovation Team help turn your marketing ideas into successful new products.   

Download our Innovation Guide now to see a sample of current innovations.  Imagine the possibilities with your own ideas!  

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