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The Essential Skill  Every Leader Needs to Be a Great Coach

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Why Connecting to Emotions Is Fundamental to Leadership and Coaching

In IHHP’s own research study of 18,000 people, 81% said they are more likely to stay in their job if their manager spent more time coaching and developing them. 

"Organizations with senior leaders who coach effectively and frequently, improve their business results by 21% as compared to those who never coach." Josh Bersin

On April 28thBill Benjamin, a Coach and Keynote Speaker at IHHP, was joined by Jennifer York, Learning & Leadership Development Business Partner at Maxar Technologies. They discussed how anyone can use Emotional Intelligence-based coaching skills to get the best out of their direct reports, peers (and even leaders) to boost engagement, retention and performance, and how these skills can further have a positive impact in their personal lives, with spouses, partners and kids.  

After watching the livecast, you will be better equipped to:

  • Understand why Emotional Intelligence-based coaching is critical to being a great leader
    • Connect to the specific emotions that drive behaviour in order to lead and coach more effectively
  • Understand the important role EI-based coaching plays in fostering a strong corporate culture, increasing employee engagement and retention, as well as driving innovation and DEI initiatives
  • Understand why Last 8% moments, the most difficult moments we face, are the moments when leadership coaching is most critical
  • Bring coaching into your organization as a leadership competency 
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Partner & Keynote Speaker, IHHP

Bill is an energetic EI Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach. He spent 14 years in technology and sales, and has degrees in mathematics and computer science. With over 30 years of business experience, Bill has worked with leaders on how to leverage EQ-based coaching to drive performance, engagement and retention. Bill has worked with many diverse groups, including the U.S. Marines, NASA, Intel, and even Surgeons.



Learning and Leadership Development Business Partner, Maxar Technologies

Jennifer is highly successful in organizational leadership development, with extensive experience building and leading strategies to improve the effectiveness of senior leaders within a Fortune 500 company. Jennifer  possesses a winning blend of subject matter expertise and practical experience.   Her success is driven by her ability to build strategies that position companies for sustained growth and strong succession planning.



We help you harness the emotions that stand in the way of building trust, collaboration, and engagement across the organization. We function as an extension of your team, ensuring that your people build the skills of Emotional Intelligence so everyone can perform at their best even during great challenge and change.

Over the past 20 years, we built a methodology of teaching these skills with life changing results to Olympic and professional athletes, hundreds of blue chip companies, including Goldman Sachs, Intel and IBM and many  government agencies, including the US Marines and NASA. We have also, literally, written the book on pressure, with it becoming a NY Times bestseller.

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