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Major Updates

New Novelty Checker

All new and much improved version of Novelty Checker is now enabled with " Reinforcement Learning" to get quality prior-art results quickly.




Integrated Innovation

Better Context Capturing using Phraser Model

Noise Filtering using Reinforcement

Upgraded Corpus

Minor Updates 

Report Generation

Technology and Company Intelligence dashboards are now available with the new "Generate PDF Report" option. You can download ready-to-use reports for your technology or company intelligence analysis with ease just by a single click. Available for Techscaper and Expert Search option now.

You can view your generated reports from the "download center" given under the user profile option.


Customized Export

You can export data with custom fields as well as customize the selection of the number of records to be exported as per the requirement. Export templates can also be created and saved for future use. 


Company Comparison from Techscaper

Compare companies in a technology directly from the Technology Intelligence Dashboard. Competitive Intelligence analysis is now easily possible on your technology dataset. Just select the companies and then you can view the competitive dashboard within seconds. 


Patent Trend Analysis for last 20 years

Expanding the patent filing trend analysis to last 20 years is now easy with just a single click.


Improved XLSCOUT Corpus

More Keywords & Better Keywords!

Improved version of XLSCOUT corpus has been provided in this version. With improvements in the training model and training dataset, more keywords are now available in the Corpus and the accuracy of the keyword suggestions is also enhanced. 



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XLSCOUT engineered data with best-in-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to develop the most accurate, comprehensive, and intelligent patent & research publication database. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), and Innovation/Scientific Principles, XLSCOUT gives you more time and reliable insights to confidently make data-driven strategic decisions.

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