Artificial Intelligence for healthcare and life sciences

    In this whitepaper ttopstart will give you insights on accelerating Artificial Intelligence for healthcare and life sciences. This paper will provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges of implementing AI in healthcare and give actionable insights to help the different stakeholders to overcome barriers and develop smarter strategies that accelerate the introduction of such AI innovations. 


Vision on AI

Levink: "AI without a vision is fishing"

In healthcare, all eyes are on AI. In this first article our director Jasper Levink, shows his vision on AI and how a solid business approach is key for success. “We should stop trying to beat the radiologist but see the true potential of AI”.

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Ai workflow

The 4 components of an AI workflow 

We discuss the basic workflow of AI tools using an example of diagnostics and prognostics in cancer. Many of the innovation opportunities and implementation challenges of AI in healthcare relate to these components.

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Ai in healthcare

The opportunities of AI in healthcare

The use of AI is rapidly growing in healthcare. We estimate there are between 150-250 dedicated AI companies in the US and Europe who offer various applications in healthcare. AI can extract the data we need. 


AI solutions healthcare

How reimbursement respresents a hurdle

We discuss with Professor of Medical Image Analysis Bram van Ginneken how the reimbursement system slows down the introduction of diagnostic AI tools.

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Challenges AI

The 8 biggest challenges for AI

Why are the expectations for AI solutions in healthcare sky high, but only few of them received authorisation and even fewer are used in the clinical setting? 

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Artificial intelligence covid

How AI can help fight COVID-19

In this blog we discuss how artificial intelligence can bring together the newly available data and help us win the global fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

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Europe's vision on AI

Europe's vision on Artificial Intelligence

Strengthened by COVID-19 related challenges, the pace of AI development seems to be accelerating. In this blog we discuss how the Europe Union approaches the digitial transition.

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Ai workflow

A video-game as digital therapeutic

Recently, the first game-based video therapeutic video has received regulatory authorization. In this blog we discuss what digital therapeutics is, how it is regulated, and how it will impact our society.

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