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Do you have an innovate product, technology or service and do you wish to apply for a Eurostars grant? Eurostars expects excellence so your project proposal must meet all the eligibility criteria, otherwise your application will be rejected. ttopstart can help you facilitate this process; we co create projects to develop a strong business case with meaningful impact.

"ttopstart has been a great partner in developing our business and funding strategy, of which this Eurostars grant and consortium was an important part." - Nico Karssemeijer, CEO of Screenpoint Medical


ttopstart and Eurostars

>70% success rate for Eurostars proposals. 

 ✔ we challenge your ideas

 ✔we co-create smarter strategies

 ✔we help you create true impact 

 ✔we use our winning FFWD method


Are you a Eurostars champion?

With an overall success rate of approximately 30%, Eurostars is an extremely attractive funding option for SMEs as compared to for example the SME Instrument. Do you want to become a Eurostars champion? We help you create a strategy with meaningful impact!

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Our FFWD method for a winning grant proposal

ttopstart has developed the FFWD (Fit, Framework, Write and Development) model to fast forward your project from an innovative vision to a winning grant proposal. This is how we do it!


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