Over the next 10 years, the largest group of retiring workers will take place. They call it  "The Great Retirement". The baby boomers are retiring in record numbers. Of course, as this happens, these workers will have to make decisions on how to handle the qualified plan attached to the job they 
will be leaving. Qualified plans like their 401K, 403B, 457 Deferred Compensation Plans,
their TSP, brokerage accounts, and other such retirement plans. Once a worker leaves the job for any reason, or retires, the money in those plans are free and clear to move into an index annuitywhere they will get double digit growthwith no risk of losing any of that money. 
The index annuity will create for them an income for life!

Those who are licensed and trained to do these rollovers have the potential to earn six figures yearly.  There are simply not enough licensed and trained professionals to serve our community.  The license you need is a life insurance license. It only takes about 30 days to get that license, and that license along with our free training will provide a valuable skill set. If you are interested in getting your license and joining our team, the cost is $280.00  to start the licensing process. We are looking for the best.

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