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thunder::tech is an integrated marketing agency delivering advertising, communications, technology, design, video and branding expertise to our middle-market and enterprise clients across the globe.

We pride ourselves on the quality, service, ideas and education we produce. If you are reading this, you have been invited to join us or feel you have what it takes to help contribute to our many projects across the nation and globe.

Steps for joining our network:

Submit your profile and preferences
We qualify you based on your experience and skills
You become listed as a member of our network
We send you onboarding material to familiarize with potential work and our processes

Doing work:

When opportunities arise, we reach out to our network members based on skills needed for the work
We send request for availabilities according to project requirements and calendars
If the work is something you want to take on, you confirm your availability
Once we have a greenlight on project, we will confirm or decline your placement on project
If selected, we will issue and record any necessary paperwork to join our team
We then have you added to team via a scheduled kick off call with client


You call your shot with your rates.  We will reserve the right to inform you of any rate restrictions the client may have.
You determine when and what work you want to take on.
Work remotely or select the preferred location among our offices (assuming all safety measures)
You do what you do best and let us manage the intensive business of project management and client relations
A great source of exciting work with little effort to land
Our network is more selective, unlike the major crowdsourcing platforms out there.
If you are waiting for that perfect role to open up at thunder::tech, keep us in touch with you by joining our Talent Network.


"Freelancing with thunder::tech is an ideal partnership. Communication is accessible and abundant. Project management is detailed and consistent. Most of all, the people are congenial and enthusiastic about the work. I feel fortunate to be one of their partners."

- Anthony Mahramus, Optimization Freelancer


A Human-Friendly Culture

And one more thing... At thunder::tech, “diversity & inclusion” is more than just an HR initiative—it’s baked into our culture. A human-friendly culture means literally to come as you are - a human being. We believe that openness to gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, ethnicity, background and perspective drives innovation and creates the strong foundation that helps our team members and agency grow. Ensuring a wide range of voices isn’t just good business, it’s the right thing to do. When we are representational of the clients we serve and their customers, we can be more empathetic, insightful and empowered to create the best possible solutions. Have a seat at the table—we want to hear what you have to say.

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