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Get cyber security protection at home

Cyber criminals are actively taking advantage of the current Coronavirus pandemic, targeting small businesses and employees in a number of sectors. 

Get DynaRisk's Ultimate plan FREE for 30 days to protect yourself online. Apply code WORKREMOTE at checkout to get started.

Select plan

1. Choose Ultimate

Visit our plans page and select our Ultimate plan - click 'Buy now'. VIEW PLANS >

2. Apply code

After registering and verifying your email address, enter the discount code WORKREMOTE.

3. Get started

Complete the signup process and assessment questions to access your personalised dashboard.

Key features

cyber security score

Answer a few simple questions and we'll calculate your risk. Your Cyber Security Score indicates how safe you are online and improves when you complete actions.

personal id monitoring

If we discover your work email address has been breached or leaked online, we'll notify you immediately and provide step-by-step advice on what to do next.

Tailored action plan

Everyone's risks are different; that's why your action plan is tailored to you. Complete actions to improve your Cyber Security Score and reduce your risks online.

vulnerability scanning

If a device is vulnerable you'll receive a new action to complete with advice on how to secure it. We'll also let you know if you have out-of-date software that needs addressing to improve your score.

improve your cyber hygiene

We help you to minimise your personal risks of being targeted by cyber criminals.

protect your business

Employees practicing good cyber hygiene means a better protected business. 

get support

Our support team are cyber specialists; get advice and help when you need it. 

Remote working employee checklist

Download our FREE checklist

Our remote working checklist helps you learn ways to safeguard your digital footprint in just 15 steps. Once complete, your online risks will be significantly reduced, ultimately helping to protect your business. Share the checklist with colleagues to help them improve their online safety too!


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