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Cyber security protection that's personal

Cyber security threats are increasing, but knowing how to protect yourself isn't always easy.

With DynaRisk's Ultimate plan you'll get a clear picture of your personal level of risk and how exposed you may be to cyber threats. You'll also get data breach monitoring, breach alerts, a tailored action plan and support.


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Cyber Security Score & Report
Get a complete overview of your digital security along with a tailored simple step by step plan for how to improve it.

Personalised improvement plan
Based on your personal assessment we will provide an ongoing action plan to help improve and maintain your Cyber Security Score.

Breached & Leaked Data Monitoring
Monitor 5 personal and 5 family email addresses. You can also monitor your credit/debit cards and phone numbers.

Device Vulnerability Protection
Monitor up to 10 devices to see if they have vulnerabilities that would leave you open to hacking.

Vulnerability Scanning
We scan your applications, operating system and plugins to check for vulnerabilities that may be putting you at risk.

Premium Support
Get access to our expert support team who can provide advice and assistance for all things cyber related.

Threat Alerts
Receive new alerts direct to your inbox helping you to stay up to date on the latest cyber security threats.

Scam Prevention Training & Alerts
Avoid falling victim to scams like phishing, ransom and push payment fraud by learning how to spot them.

Router Vulnerability Protection
We scan your router to make sure cyber criminals can't access it, or your home network.

Cyber Restoration Services
Fear you may have been hacked? Let our expert support team investigate and propose next steps.

Virus Removal
Our expert support team can remove a number of viruses from your devices, giving you peace of mind.


Why DynaRisk?

cyber security score

Get a clear view of your personal risk in minutes. Your Cyber Security Score indicates how safe you are online and improves when you complete actions.


DynaRisk monitors your personal information on the Dark Web, provides tailored steps to help you protect yourself and carries out ongoing assessments of your personal areas of risk.

Over 70 actions

Everyone's risks are different; that's why your action plan is tailored to you. There are over 70 possible actions you can take to improve your score, and we'll tailor them to you as and when you need them.


Our dataset is one of the most comprehensive in the world and contains over 16 billion records. From clear text passwords to payment information, we recover millions of records a month to help you stay better protected.

improve your cyber hygiene

We help you to minimise your personal risks of being targeted by cyber criminals.

protect your ACCOUNTS

If we discover your information has been breached, you'll be notified immediately.

get support

Our support team are cyber specialists; get advice and help when you need it.

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