Q: How Do You Generate an ROI From Your Marketing Department? 
A: Get them Involved in the Sales Process!

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"Marketing is no longer about setting up golf outings!"

Marketing and Sales CAN work hand-in-hand.

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What's in the Book and Why Should You Read It?

Keep on reading and then you decide ...  would it benefit your salesforce to know any of the following?

    • When a customer is looking new products on your website?
    • When a prospect opens and reads your email?
    • When a prospect clicks something in your email?
    • Who your prospects are buying from?
    • Where a prospect is in your sales pipeline?
    • Who is part of which trade associations and who is attending which trade shows?
    • Who is active on which social media platform and what are they responding to?
    • Who is on your website RIGHT NOW?!

It’s no secret that sales and marketing teams often fail to see eye to eye on what marketing pieces and activities work best to attract and close more sales. Except for the most progressive distribution companies, I’ve seen this as a constant in the distribution industry.

The institutional disconnect between these two functions can lead to a very real sense of opposition. This disconnect cannot continue if a company is going to survive, let alone thrive.

The marketing and sales teams should share the same end goal: to increase revenue by increasing sales.

HERE ARE the First Five Steps Your Company Can Take Toward a Successful Partnership BETWEEN MARKETING AND SALES!

  • Create Buyer Personas

    Buyer personas or avatars are the fictional representations of your target market segments. They’re commonplace in marketing these days but they’re only valuable when they’re correct.

  • Identify the Best Content Ideas

    No need for 'spray and pray' tactics that get zero results when you can narrow down your marketing to content that will provide the most value to your audience, and as a result, generate the greatest ROI for your marketing investment while also attracting the most qualified leads. 

  • Nail Down the Sales Cycle Length

    When marketing has a better understanding of your personas, especially those who typically have a longer sales cycle, they can complement your sales team with a well-timed marketing campaign containing only content that would be valuable to a particular recipient at a particular time in the sales process.

  • Define Quality Leads

    SQLs are the best measurement of lead quality (before revenue generated), and so as not to waste the time of your sales team, it’s important that the marketing team knows when to pass a lead over to them.

  • Determine and Focus on Metrics that Matter

    A close partnership with sales will help your marketing team keep your ROI perspective in check, and as a result, the success of every marketing campaign becomes very measurable.

Your salespeople are finding it harder and harder to book appointments and get in front of buyers. Take the first steps toward partnering your marketing and sales teams, and let these teams generate the information your company needs to build up your customer base and gain greater market share of your existing customers. Download the free eBook today!