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ESD Surveys

The Murray Percival Co. offers no-fee ESD surveys by partnering with DESCO industries. An ESD survey is a great way to have an extra set of eyes look at your current ESD control plan or implement a brand new one. Using ESDA's ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard and calibrated test equipment, a DESCO representative will take measurements and make observations of your ESD control plan. Upon completion of the survey, we will provide a written report of the findings along with suggestions for improvements needed.

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Solder Analysis

Solder analysis kits are available to purchase through Murray Percival Co. using the Alpha Pot Rite program. The Alpha Pot Rite program is designed to evaluate a sample of your solder taken from your wave soldering machines, selective solder systems or solder pots to give you a precise report on the condition of your solder. The report includes details and levels of elements and contaminants that may be affecting your soldering process.                                                                                                                  

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Reclaim Services

Reclaim services are offered through Murray Percival Co. by partnering with Alpha Assembly Solutions. This service allows you to legally and responsibly recycle your solder and PCB scrap while saving and making money at the same time. What can you recycle through Murray Percival Co. reclaim services? Everything from wave solder dross, unused and expired solder paste, populated scrap boards, used cartridges, syringes and gloves, pot dumps from wave and selective soldering machines and more.     

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Thermal Profiling

Learn why thermal profiling in electronics is important through this free course by our partners at ECD. Accurate measurement of any process is the key to success. In electronics, thermal profiling is the only way to fully understand what is happening in the reflow and selective soldering processes. This course will review the basics of thermal profiling, explain why profiling is so important, teach you how to profile better and the dangers of not regularly profiling your process.

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Vendor Managed Inventory

Let the Murray Percival Co. manage your maintenance, repair and operations materials. We save you time and money by cutting down on costs and eliminating line down situations. Poorly managed MRO materials expose your business to risk so let us eliminate that risk with our VMI program that will be personalized to fit your needs and improve your process.

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The Murray Percival Co. is happy to offer virtual demos, in-person demos at our facility as well as on-site demos at customer facilities. We have a wide selection of assembly equipment in our demo facility located in Auburn Hills, MI. We also have numerous sales engineers that would gladly come to your facility to demo items such as soldering tools, visual inspection solutions, static control devices and much more. Sign up today to take full advantage of our demo services.

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