The Numerous Benefits of Organic SEO for Your Business

The benefits of organic SEO cannot be overstated, as there are many ways it can aid in increasing brand awareness and conversions. If you are looking to increase your website traffic and organic search results, do not overlook the benefits and importance of organic SEO. Here are some benefits of using organic SEO for your business:


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Organic SEO

Website traffic is vital for any business, as this is where potential consumers learn a lot about the goods and services you provide as well as your brand story. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) helps to increase the visibility of a website.

Implementing an organic SEO campaign ensures that your website ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERPs), resulting in increased site traffic and revenue. Simply, organic SEO can make your website easier to find by moving it to the top of a search engine result page using keywords and terms.

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Importance of Performing an SEO Audit

The purpose of performing an SEO audit is to identify as many underlying issues impacting organic search performance as possible so that your business can begin to rank where it belongs, at the top.

Elements such as 404 errors, missing or broken links, slow website speed, and more can cause disruptions to a user’s experience, which is not ideal for your SEO strategy.

SEO works to streamline the connection between a user’s search query and your business’s offerings. This is why Brandit Marketing Solutions offers a free SEO audit.

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Building Credibility with External Links

External links are links that are built on your site that direct users to other sites. Building such links helps to improve the overall credibility of your website. When you add relevant and trustworthy links to different areas of content throughout pages on your website, it will strengthen the authority of your website. This has a positive impact on SEO.

Websites will recognize when you link to them, and it’s entirely possible that they could return the favor and link to your website. Acquiring connections such as these will result in obtaining quality external links, which is key. It’s important to not just link out to any site. Who you link to tells Google and other search engines a great deal about your content and its credibility. You want to avoid linking to spam and low quality websites, as this can negatively impact your search engine rankings. Linking to experts and authorities will provide your visitors with reliable references, leading to a better user experience.

What are Internal Links?

Internal links are links that direct users from one page to another on your website, and you have complete control over them. These internal links are what visitors use to navigate different pages throughout your site, finding the content and information that relates to their needs. Google and other search engines also use internal links to find, index, and understand all the pages included on your site. 

Balancing the distribution of links on each page is crucial to ensure that you are linking to content on pages that actually connects to the current topic. It’s entirely possible that internal links throughout your site don’t direct your visitors to the pages they are trying to reach. For example, when a user clicks the “contact us” link and is directed to the “about us” page instead, this indicates that your site contains broken or missing internal links. These issues can damage your website’s SEO efforts and contribute to a high bounce rate, leading to user frustration and potentially large revenue losses. That’s why it’s crucial to perform an SEO audit.

What is Entity SEO?

Entity SEO is transforming the traditional SEO processes. Google continues to work toward providing web users with the most relevant results based on their search queries. This is being done through the use of entities alongside keywords. As a result of using entities, search engines such as Google can better understand user intent behind searches, as well as the context and relationships between words and phrases. 

When the content throughout your site is optimized for keywords as well as entities, your business will receive more relevant traffic, as your potential customers will have a much easier time finding what they need from you.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest version of Google's web analytics platform. It is designed to provide businesses and website owners with insights into their online activities, user interactions, and marketing effectiveness. GA4 offers more advanced features and capabilities compared to its predecessor, Universal Analytics.

User-centric measurement: GA4 focuses on individual user behavior and allows for cross-device tracking, providing a more holistic view of user engagement across multiple platforms and devices. GA4 also places greater emphasis on tracking events rather than page views, allowing you to capture a wide range of user interactions, such as button clicks, video plays, file downloads, and more.



How Does Local SEO Work?
On a high level, Local SEO functions similarly to a "normal" Google search. When a search is made, Google shuffles through its index to find the best results for the searcher’s request. Local SEO is distinguished in that Google ranks local search results using different ranking factors.

Within the numerous ranking factors of Google, it is taken into account how many potential customers are looking for local businesses around their vicinity. Due to this change in user behavior, Google now considers the user's location when conducting a search. It does this instantly, and it is not necessary to type in extra words such as "near me" to get local links.


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In utilizing local SEO tools, an increase in mobile searches and qualified leads waiting to be converted into sales can also be expected.

 Local SEO will not only provide you with those leads, but it will also ensure an increase in visibility within your local area.

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