Currently Enrolled Scholarship Application


LAWA Scholarships are financial awards that support FULL-TIME students seeking to attend and complete certificate programs, associate, or bachelor’s degrees.

•LAWA Scholarships are given annually to eligible Latino(a) students accepted by accredited vocational schools, colleges or universities of their choice.
•LAWA Scholarships are renewable for up to four consecutive academic years.
•LAWA Scholarships are competitive and the selection criteria is based on student’s financial need, academic merit, and community involvement.
•The scholarship money is intended ONLY for tuition.


Students currently enrolled full-time in post-secondary education.  Any student of Hispanic origin, defined as the heritage nationality, lineage, or country of birth of the person or the person’s parents or ancestors before arriving in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau .) The student’s permanent residence is in Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Gaston, Iredell or Union Counties. The student is currently enrolled in an accredited vocational school, college or university as a full-time student and has not received a LAWA Scholarship before.


Complete the 2023 New Currently Enrolled Scholarship Application below online. Some documents may be sent via electronic mail to *We suggest that you complete all of the pieces of the application prior to uploading as the application form must be completed in one session. 
CLICK HERE  to view the questions before you complete the application.


1)  Must be of Hispanic origin as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau above.
2)  Must permanently reside in one of the following counties: Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Gaston, Iredell, or Union.
3)  Must be enrolled full-time and must have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher (school transcript will need to be submitted).
4)  Has not received a LAWA scholarship before.


*Total of 3 letters (more details below)

Must send two (2) letters of recommendation from Faculty/Administrators
The following must be included in the letter of recommendation from either a Faculty/Administrators    

a) Relationship to the applicant          
b) How long has the Faculty/Administrators known the applicant and in what capacity        
c) Faculty/Administrators name, title, email address, phone number, signature, and date          

A student’s community involvement after-school in clubs, sports, work or volunteering is very important. Send one (1) additional letter of recommendation (not from an Faculty/Administrators) describing volunteer or community related activities that support the application.          

The following must be included in the letter of recommendation          

a) Relationship to the applicant          
b) Volunteer or community related activities, and demonstrated leadership of applicant          
c) Recommender’s name, title, email address, phone number, signature, and date          

Must send a personal essay (typed, Times New Roman, double spaced, must not exceed 2 pages) discussing the following:          

a) Career aspirations          
b) Community involvement and personal or academic interests          
c) Academic achievements          
d) Reasons for applying for the scholarship          
e) Any obstacles overcome during school years (if applicable)          

**Must be available for a personal interview, if requested.


Please upload all required documents.
Documents should be scanned from original copies and saved as PDF files.
Gather all required documents before starting the application.
Start as early as possible.
Please save all documents sent in a folder on your computer.

You may send letters of recommendation electronically to  


We use your personal information only for the grant selection process.  No information is shared with other parties outside of the LAWA organization.