"Thank you to all for attending The South County EDC Economic Summit 2024"

From insightful presentations by distinguished leaders to dynamic panel discussions with influential community voices, attendees engaged in crucial conversations about cybersecurity, our binational economy, economic forecasts, and the initiatives shaping our shared future. Congratulations to all our award winners for your valuable contribution to our community! 

We're grateful to everyone who joined us for this impactful Summit. Your participation and insights will help drive continued growth and prosperity for South County. 

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Photos of the Event

Congratulations To All Our Award Winners!


Marilyn Lassman Golden Dedication Award - Arnulfo Manriquez

Outstanding Corporate Citizen Award - Masis Kevorkian (Seven Mile Casino)

Tony McCune Regional Leadership Award - Marcy Weaver (Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce )

Binational Endeavor Award - Paloma Aguirre ( Mayor of Imperial Beach )

Greg Cox Pioneer Award - Leah Yam (Marine Group Boat Works)

Corky McMillin Best of South County Award - Pedro Anaya Jr. (La Voz of San Diego)

South County EDC Economic Summit 2024 event aired on XEWT Televisa Channel 12 newscast (Spanish) 

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A Glimpse into the Future

Under the theme "Investing in Tomorrow, Igniting Growth, & Embracing Prosperity: Unleashing the Power of Opportunity for the South County Renaissance," this event promises to be an illuminating exploration of South County's economic landscape and its journey towards a regional renaissance.

Throughout the day, attendees will engage in discussions ranging from cyber security to the crossroads of our binational economy, emphasizing collaboration with Baja California.

Insightful presentations from distinguished leaders, including Chairwoman Nora Vargas of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, on pivotal projects and initiatives shaping our community's future.

Expert forecasts for the economic health of our region and valuable perspectives from seasoned professionals at JP Morgan Private Bank. 
Dynamic panel discussions featuring influential community leaders, such as Maria Katchadorian from the City of Chula Vista, shedding light on transformative endeavors and the far-reaching impacts on our region.

Deep dive discussions with federal, state, and local leaders on navigating the Renaissance and optimizing community potential

Thank You to All Our Sponsors!


Key Note Address

George Fong
Director of Security and Safety
ESPN Los Angeles Production Center & Retired Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation


* Investing in the Future 

* Leadership at 


* Crossroads in 
Our Economy

* Navigating the Course 

Economic Forcast

Join Claudio Robertson and Antolin Garza of JP Morgan Private Bank for an insightful discussion on the current economic climate and expert forecasts for the road ahead.


Claudio Robertson
Executive Director
J.P. Morgan Private Bank


Antolin Garza
Executive Director, Investment Specialist
J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Investing in the Future

Join us for a crucial discussion shedding light on the status and far-reaching impacts of the region's largest transformative endeavors. Gain insights from these influential community leaders shaping the future landscape of our region.

Leadership at work

Embark on a deep dive discussion with federal, state, and local leaders as they collaborate to enrich our landscape 
and optimize community  potential amidst an ongoing renaissance. Discover firsthand how cohesive efforts are shaping a promising  future for our communities.

Crossroads of Our Economy

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion delving into the crossroads of our binational region's economy. Explore the vital role of collaboration with Baja California in shaping regional and national outcomes, illuminating pathways for collective prosperity.

Overcoming Potential Obstacles 

Join us for a vital panel discussion on navigating potential obstacles to the Renaissance,as we explore factors that could impede the optimization of investment and opportunities in South County. Gain valuable insights on overcoming these hurdles to ensure a prosperous future for our region.

Thank You to All Our Sponsors!












Thank You for attending!

Held on Friday, April 26th, 2024 at Balboa Park Club
10AM - 3:30PM


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