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SBR Motorsports Park is proud to present the SBR 4-Hour Enduro from Noon-4pm on Sunday November 11th, 2018! Before you pack up your karting gear for the off-season come on out with a team of friends to enjoy a 4-hour long endurance race on Southern Colorado's premier karting circuit. Practice and testing time will be available from 10:00am-11:15am on Sunday November 11th. The gates to the park will open at 8:30am on Sunday morning. The race will feature 5 classes running simultaneously: TaG Senior, TaG Junior, LO206 Senior Light, LO206 Senior Heavy, and Junior 1.


The entry fee is $250 per team and is payable to SBR Motorsports Park. To sign up for the race please fill out your Team Entry Form below and call 719-492-2635 with a credit card ready to make your payment and secure your team's spot in the race. A minimum of 10 teams total must be pre-registered by 5pm on Friday November 9th for the race to take place (weather permitting). If the race were to be canceled for any reason, all payments for registration will be 100% refunded.


The SBR 4-Hour Enduro will follow a very similar rule-set to the Colorado Karting Tour's Colorado Karting Classic that was planned to take place at SBR Motorsports Park in October (race was canceled due to weather). Therefor if you prepped your kart to participate in that race you are in luck because you will be all set for the SBR 4-Hour Enduro! A complete write-up of the rules is below. This race is all about having fun and enjoying some seat time at SBR. We will see you at the track on Sunday November 11th, 2018 for the SBR 4-Hour Enduro.


  • 8:30am Gates Open to Property
    • 10:00-11:15am Open Practice / Warm Up
    • 11:20am DRIVERS MEETING (Mandatory)
    • 11:50am National Anthem
    • 12pm SBR 4 HOUR ENDURO Begins!
    • 4pm SBR 4 HOUR ENDURO Ends
    • 4:30pm Purse Payout
    • 5pm Go home!


4 Hour Enduro Poster

Race Classes

SBR Motorsports Park

Register today! Deadline November 9th, 2018

4 Hour Enduro Rules

‘Min Weight’: Minimum weight is defined as the minimum weight of kart & the average weight of all drivers on a team (with all associated safety gear) weighed before or after any competition event. All drivers on a given team shall be present at time of weigh-in.

Pricing: Pricing for each class at The SBR 4 HOUR ENDURO includes driver entry and registration fees. For all classes, each kart entered is required to pay a $250 total entry fee, which is divisible among all drivers associated with this kart, per their agreement/discretion. All class awards will be contingent upon the number of entries registered for the event (see below).

Event Prizes: The SBR FOUR HOUR ENDURO will award 20% of total entry which shall be distributed to the top-3 finishers (teams) in each respective category based on class entry numbers. A minimum of three (3) teams in a given class must take the green flag in order for that class to receive prize money.

Competition Rules / Spirit & Intent: Karting is a sport that is designed to deliver enjoyment to individuals and entire families, set within the context of a competitive environment. As a result, the rules and guidelines in this document are subject to the term “Spirit and Intent”. The guidelines herein are not road maps of legal loopholes so that competitors may “cheat legally.” SBR Motorsports Park is not and does not wish to become an organization dealing with internal or external and technicalities. No attempts to test the rules will be tolerated. If this document, approved rule books, and technical documentation does not say you can; you can’t!

Competition Rules 

Setting Starting Grid Order: All teams will “pea-pick” for starting position. The Pea-pick process involves drawing a number from a hat/bowl that will determine your starting position. The classes will pea-pick separately and starting order will be as follows: TaG Sr., TaG Jr., Jr. 1, LO206 Light, LO206 Heavy.

Starting Procedure: The start will be a Le Mans style start where all competing teams will place their kart on the inside edge of the front straightaway (North side of straight) facing South-West at a 45-degree angle (the track will run in clock-wise direction for the SBR FOUR HOUR ENDURO). The drivers who are taking the first driving stint for the team will be on the South side (pit-lane side) of the straight facing North towards the karts and the SBR flag tower with all driving gear on. Teams may have one team-mate standing by the kart to assist in starting the engine if necessary. No pushing the kart by hand is allowed. Engines may be started prior to the green flag and idling (optional). When the flagman waves the green flag the drivers may run from across the track, jump in their kart and the race has begun!

Full-Size Sprint-Style Karts Only: Karts that are determined to be sized inappropriately for an adult (12+) driver or are determined to be mechanically un-sound by the technical inspection team shall be subject to disqualification per IKF guidelines.

Fuel: All Karts must start race with 1 gallon of fuel in gas tank. Fuel tanks will be visually inspected by SBR Motorsports Park prior to starting the race once all karts are placed on grid, SBR may require a team to remove fuel from the tank if it clearly appears that the 1-gallon rule is being broken.

Driver Count Per Team: Minimum of 2 driver per kart, Maximum of 4 drivers per kart. We strongly encourage entrants to consider allowing multiple drivers, but will not ultimately mandate it.

Kart / Engine: 1 Kart, 1 engine per team for event. A “backup” engine as replacement in case of failure is permitted. Each team will be allowed only (1) one kart for the entire team for the duration of the race. The changing of the engine during the competition shall be permitted upon submission of initial engine to tech director. If team/driver completes the race and is required to go to post-race inspection, both engines shall be subject to inspection. Failure to deliver damaged engine to tech team during event may result in penalties or disqualification.

Pit Stop Rules: Minimum of 2 stops per team for event. Each team shall be required to pit at least (2) two times during the duration of the competition. **The hot pit will close with 5 minutes to go in the event (at 03:55pm)**, therefore drivers are required to stop (2) two times during the first 3 hours and 55 minutes of competition.

Maximum pit road speed = 10 mph. ***A 10-second-per-mile-per-hour penalty*** will be assessed to any team exceeding pit road speed limits. Example: A driver clocked at 12 mph on pit road will be assessed a 20-second penalty. •

Hot Pit Rules: Maximum 4 persons allowed in hot pit per kart at any time. “Persons” may include drivers, mechanics, or team members, in any combination, BUT MUST NOT exceed 4 in total at any time for servicing, driver changes, etc. Work may NOT be conducted on the kart outside of the hot pit area at any time during the race.

Other Rules / Regulations / Procedures: Only 1 gas tank per kart. “Quick Change” gas tanks will not be allowed. Multiple gas tanks will not be allowed. Tank must fit in standard mounting location (near floor tray mounted to steering shaft stays) and must be secured properly. Tank must remain in the kart the entirety of the event.

Servicing Kart: Engines must be shut off during servicing. Kart must also be raised onto kart stand. Upon entering the hot pit area, any work performed to the kart such as setup changes, driver changes, or fuel addition must be conducted only upon turning off the engine.  The kart may be serviced while on the ground. Engines may be restarted by the driver or additional team member ONLY upon completion of service. No driver shall be seated in the kart during any kind of service being performed to the kart. ***A 5 Minute time penalty will be assessed to any team that does not shut off their kart during servicing, driver changes, or when conducting work on a kart. ***

Spare Wheels / Tires: One spare rear, and one spare front tire allowed for race. Teams will be allowed to have and replace up to one (1) front tire, and one (1) rear tire. This is allowed in case of puncture or severe accident.

Radios: Radios shall not be permitted. No wireless or radio communications shall be allowed between drivers of different teams, or from crew to driver. The use of hand signals, pit boards (within reason) shall be permitted, however. If a radio communication device is observed in use by any competitor or driver, that team/kart shall be subject to immediate disqualification from the event.

Rain Tires / Wet Conditions: Rain Tires Shall Be Permitted IF Race Has Been “Declared Wet” By Race Director. In the event of rain, competitors will be allowed to pit and utilize rain tires. Competitors will not be allowed to do so until after the Race Director has declared conditions on-track enough to consider the event a ‘wet’ race, upon which competitors may exercise their option to utilize rain tires.

The SBR Motorsports Park officiating team reserves the right to black flag any driver that is demonstrating excessive fatigue, or inability to control their kart safely at any point in the event. If a ‘replacement’ driver for that team is available that is in sound physical and mental condition, they shall be allowed to re-enter the race upon completion of a normal pit-stop and all required rules. If you have further questions, contact SBR Motorsports Park: 719.492.2635 or email


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SBR Motorsports Park 4 Hour Enduro

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