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Sales & Use Tax Compliance Risk Scorecard

The Sales and Income Tax Advisory Network provides sales tax education, training, expert resources, and support for businesses, organizations, and tax professionals. Our CEO has spent the last 8 years as an auditor, speaker, and technical tax specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Drawing upon her experiences, she shaped the Sales and Income Tax Advisory Network to provide businesses with affordable options for staff training and access to sales and use tax experts for guidance.

Are you high risk for a sales and use tax audit? Are you paying too much tax and owed a refund? Are you overcharging tax to your customers? Do you maintain the correct records to substantiate your sales tax return? Are you ready for an audit?

First Step: Sales and Use Tax Compliance Scorecard

To receive your free scorecard, provide your information below. This scorecard will test your level of risk related to your sales and use tax compliance. 

Next Step: Sales and Use Tax Compliance Assessment

Whether your score indicates you may be at risk or you know there are some areas of concern you would like to address, a Sales and Use Tax Compliance Assessment is a service that will get your company on the right track. For a flat fee of $1,000 you will receive a high-level review of your sales and use tax system at your business location. The half day assessment includes a review of the following:

  • Previous four years of sales tax returns
  • Sales and use tax policies and procedures
  • Sales
  • Exemption certificates
  • Purchases

During the assessment, you will learn what auditors look for and any activities that may cause an audit of your business. Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a summary report prioritizing the steps you need to take to reduce your audit risk. 

Email Holly Hoffman, CEO, at to schedule your Compliance Assessment today. Mention code "Quarantine2020" for special payment options.