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Convex Network delivers an AgilePoint solution to drive efficiency in HR recruitment and onboarding

Discover why AgilePoint’s low-code application platform, supported by custom development from Convex Network was the perfect solution to drive efficiency in HR.


How to drive efficiency in HR recruitment and onboarding

A good hiring and onboarding experience is critical to attracting and retaining talent. In fact, providing a good experience isn’t just a nice to have anymore, it’s now considered a necessity if organisations want to stay competitive. The need to invest in these processes to make improvements to the employee experience is therefore well worthwhile in the long run. That’s exactly what Convex Network, a highly valued AgilePoint partner, have been doing to help their customers optimise their recruitment and onboarding processes through the introduction of automation.

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About Convex Network 

Convex Network are a team of consultants and practitioners with more than 10 years experience in creating and leading successful businesses through process optimisation. They provide their customers with ways to drive innovation and transparency, enabling automation for numerous departments including Human Resources. Their HR Organiser suite uses a powerful set of applications to optimize the human capital available to an organisation.


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