Don't Just Survive the Holidays...Thrive!


Do you hear crickets once the holiday rush is over? Here is an insightful free eBook full of ideas to help your restaurant see an influx of orders and keep spirits bright –even during the slowest time of the year.

From Survive to Thrive:
Beating the Post-Holiday Slump

Many upscale establishments notice a decline in business during a seasonal holiday or major event, as much as up to 60%, according to Hearst.

Are you ready to weather the post-holiday slump?

Now more than ever, restaurants are evaluating their marketing holiday strategies. Less foot traffic, fewer covers, and staff with more time on their hands can all lead to revenue loss after the holidays.

In This EBook, You Will Learn:

  • Comprehensive overview of effective marketing practices and stats
  • Defining and reinforcing buyer personas
  • Local advertising best and proven practices
  • Creative events and promo ideas to last you the entire year!

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Turn the post-holiday season into a money-maker with effective strategies!
We did all of the research for you. Our free eBook can help you build and sustain momentum and optimize your approach to drive sales and generate more customers for your restaurant.