Deepening Leadership Coaching

Participants in this two-day workshop explore common challenges faced by supervisors and leadership coaches (like managing resistance) and develop strategies to overcome them. Particular emphasis is placed on supporting leaders in strengthening their reflective practice, overcoming bias, advancing a system of school improvement, and sustaining leadership growth.

April 11 & 12 at our offices in New York City
Tuition: $1,200 per person

In this workshop, the Leadership Academy draws on its signature coaching model, in which we've trained more than 750 leadership coaches. You will benefit from: 

  • A research-based coaching model with specific strategies that can be implemented immediately
    • A set of research-based competencies for school leaders that ground coaching work in observable behaviors
    • A rich set of coaching competencies against which coaches can self-assess and set goals for their own practice
    • A small group of peer coaches working in different contexts across the country with whom coaches can network and learn
    • A safe place in which to explore an explicit emphasis on racial equity

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"So often the PD opportunities for professionals at my level focus on education generally. It’s great to see an organization drilling down into the nuances of leadership coaching—and that the learning I experienced impacts my daily work.”

- Shavonne Gibson, Managing Director of Center City Public Charter Schools, Washington, D.C.


Meet the Facilitator

Dr. Francis Yasharian,  Associate Vice President for Executive Coaching, leverages his deep content knowledge in coaching for a wide variety of NYCLA’s clients. Among other projects, he developed NYCLA’s executive coaching model and led the revision of our coach competencies. Prior to joining NYCLA, Francis was a principal and a teacher. He holds an Ed.L.D. degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. His most recent blog post, Executive Coaching Can Transform Principals into System-Level Leaders, reflects on his experiences as both a principal and a coach and how coaching has the power to transform a principal's leadership practice.