Could additives be ruining your anti-corrosive water-borne coatings?


Regulatory pressure drives demand for water-borne technology in the light protective and industrial coatings markets. Formulating these coatings presents a unique set of challenges, including providing adequate corrosion protection over metal substrates. Additives that are compatible in water can increase the hydrophilicity of the cured film, deleteriously effecting corrosion resistance. Among these are wetting and dispersing additives-- essential not only for appearance, but also to the overall barrier protection provided. The challenge is providing the best dispersion without increasing water sensitivity of the applied film.  A twist on wetting and dispersing chemistry offers a new approach to address this concern.

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Marty Kays
Technical Support Manager - Sales and Distribution

Marty holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisville and an MBA from the University of Southern Indiana.  During his career, Marty developed an expertise for formulating and introducing new products into the coatings and plastics markets. Prior to BYK, Marty worked for Sud-Chemie Rheologicals and Rockwood Additives. He earned his stripes as a formulator, then advanced to product management, sales and marketing roles with both national and global responsibility. Marty is the undisputed expert when it comes to rheology, but if you ever want to talk bourbon, he's also your guy.


Ron Brashear
End Use Manager - Marine & Protective Coatings

Ron is an alumnus of the University of Louisville. He has worked in the coatings industry for more than 25 years in a variety of capacities ranging from R&D, technical service, and sales & marketing. He is a published author of numerous papers relating to rheology modifiers and has been a speaker at various society functions and technical symposiums. Currently, Ron is the Protective and Marine End Use Manager, supporting North American heavy duty, marine and protective coatings manufacturers.