Alt Tag Fina Biosolutions works to develop affordable vaccines for low-income countries.

Case Study: How Lab OwlTM Worked With Fina Biosolutions To Develop Life-Saving, Affordable Vaccines For Low Income Countries Around the Globe

Case Study: How Lab OwlTM Worked With Fina Biosolutions To Develop Life-Saving, Affordable Vaccines For Low Income Countries Around the Globe

Fina Biosolutions is a small vaccine R&D company with limited budget and resources. The company’s focus is on developing affordable vaccines for low-income countries.  FinaBio was struggling to achieve consistent results with their existing fermenter control system. The system was unreliable and frequently unavailable for use due to inconsistent and expensive servicing. FinaBio had the vendor update the software, which then resulted in a complete system shut down. 

With an important vaccine project and partnership with a major global health foundation, FinaBio turned to Lab Owl™, who not only provided them with a superior system, but exceeded expectations with “outstanding service, support and follow-up” throughout the entire process. The Lab Owl team remained fully engaged with FinaBio - from initial meeting, through design and system setup - including offering to monitor and trouble shoot FinaBio’s initial runs in real time to ensure everything was working perfectly. 

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Fina Biosolutions Proclaims Lab Owl’s Integrated Bioreactor Control And Information System Exceeds All Our Expectations!

“I no longer have to come to the lab in the middle of the night to monitor the system or fix runs.” There’s a comfort in knowing that the Lab Owl integrated bioreactor control and information system is there watching and making sure the process is running smoothly. The ease of set up, configuration, monitoring and data output makes the system a scientist’s dream. Lab Owl’s friendly interface makes it easier for other lab personnel to operate the system enabling the entire laboratory team to operate more efficiently. “We can now conduct our research with the assurance that our fermenter and control system will perform consistently and reliably.”


Successful Runs
 Without Issue And Counting!

Ranked #1

For Overall Product Quality And Reliability AND For Customer Support.
Among Our Customers!

“Before Lab Owl, Our Fermenter And Controller Were A Bottleneck And Put Our Company’s Vaccine Research Project Far Off Schedule.”

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in every good way!”

“Lab Owl is quality-built for reliability, performance, and consistency. In other words, it is built to make the customer happy and successful.

Chief Scientific Officer

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“Every run since set-up
has been perfect!”

“I don’t have to make any adjustments at all during runs. The system runs flawlessly and gives me an incredibly robust protein output each time.”

Lead Scientist

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Indispensable to our work!”

“The incredible ease of setup, configuration, monitoring, and data output make Lab Owl indispensable.”

Lead Technician

“Now That We Have Successful Experiment Runs, We Are Able To Advance Our Groundbreaking Research!”

The Lab Owl integrated bioreactor control and information system has allowed Fina Biosolutions to move forward with their groundbreaking research and experiments in vaccine development. Scientists no longer have to come into the lab in the middle of the night to monitor and fix runs. For a small to mid-sized biotech company with limited budgets and resources, this is something that wasn’t possible before Lab Owl. This type of functionality usually requires very expensive equipment that only big pharma companies can afford. Lab Owl offers the latest cutting edge features at an affordable price that makes the impossible possible for smaller biotech research companies like FinaBio. Scientists can sleep through the night (they never did that before) knowing that Lab Owl is watching over their runs and even making each subsequent run as “perfect” as the last.  

Two Lab Owl features that provided particular improvements for FinaBio’s process are DO Cascade Subloop Control and Exponential Ramping. Overlapping the contribution of agitator speed, air flow and oxygen flow, in order to maintain the desired Dissolved Oxygen set point, reduced oscillation - helped to provide more consistent experiments. The Exponential Ramp function allows adjustment of the nutrient feed rate in step with the cell doubling rate. This allowed Fina’s scientists to setup the ramp overnight to make automatic set point adjustments - rather than needing to wake up at 3 or 4 am to change the set point manually! 

Lab Owl’s consistency and reliability make the fermentation process exactly what it should be…scientifically predictable with robust outcomes. Scientists can focus on the science, NOT on their lab equipment or processes. 

That is why our clients call our system “indispensable”. Once you try Lab Owl’s bioreactor control and information system, you’ll call it indispensable too. 

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Lab Owl's Bioreactor Control System Runs Flawlessly 
To Deliver Superior Results

  • Outstanding Service To Make Your Life Easier

    From initial meeting through specification, set up, and installation, Lab Owl is with you every step of the way. Lab Owl can remotely monitor and trouble-shoot your runs in real time to ensure that you are achieving your desired results.

  • Over-Engineered Quality

    Lab Owl is built for reliability, performance and consistency so that your focus can be on your experiments, not on service calls. We want to make sure that the Lab Owl equipment and system are working perfectly so you can focus on the science. 

  • Setup Is Clear And Easy

    Lab Owl is incredibly easy to set up and configure. Viewing, reporting on and exporting data is a breeze.  The friendly interface makes it easier for other lab personnel to operate the system, freeing up scientists for increased lab production and efficiency.

Every Run Since We Set Lab Owl Up Has Been Perfect!

Lead Scientist
Fina Biosolutions

Before Lab Owl, Fina Biosolutions’ fermenter system was subject to frequent break downs that required expensive service - costing time and money. An attempted software update caused the system to completely shut down.  A trial unit from another vendor failed shortly after their initial setup. Frustrated with these ongoing issues that risked setting the vaccine research project with a major global health foundation far off schedule, FinaBio turned to Lab Owl for help. 

Lab Owl’s team provided outstanding service from their initial consultations through installation and system configuration. The team was there every step of the way, even remotely monitoring and trouble shooting in real time, initial experiment runs to ensure that everything ran perfectly. 

The incredible ease of setup, configuration, and monitoring of data allows scientists and lab personnel to operate the system. These features also make Lab Owl an excellent teaching tool - allowing new lab staff to be quickly on-boarded. 

“Every run since initial tuning and set up has been perfect” according to Fina Biosolutions’ Lead Scientist. Lab Owl’s powerful macros allow her to create “recipes” to ensure consistency from experiment to experiment.  Sophisticated control features in Lab Owl have allowed Fina to significantly reduce dissolved oxygen (DO) oscillations, leading to a superior protein output. 

The Lab Owl integrated bioreactor control and information system allows Fina Biosolutions to conduct groundbreaking work and move their vitally important research forward.

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