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The Influence of EVS, FANS Outcomes on Patient Safety and Loyalty


Healthcare leaders with a grasp of healthcare-consumer trends understand that loyalty is fueled by patients’ perceptions of their hospital’s ability to deliver safe, high-quality, patient-centered care.

In the inpatient and medical practice settings, the strongest predictor of loyalty is caregiver teamwork. When patients are asked how well the team worked together to care for them, they don’t just think about what the clinical team did. They include the processes, standards, and behaviors of people in non-clinical teams too.

Patients’ perceptions are influence by every single encounter throughout their care. 

New research from Compass One Healthcare and Press Ganey uncovers how teamwork impacts patient loyalty and analyzes the influence of environmental services (EVS) and food and nutrition services (FANS) on patients’ perceptions of their care experience overall.

What's in it:

• Identify what factors create the highest likelihood that a patient will recommend your hospital
• Discover the strongest predictor of patient loyalty and how your hospital can influence it
• Learn how teamwork and room cleanliness combined impact the likelihood that a patient will recommend your hospital
• Uncover how patients’ perceptions of cleanliness stack up against reality
• Draw the connection between top box cleanliness ratings and incidence of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI)
• Take away recommendations to engage your hospital’s EVS and FANS teams to help improve patient satisfaction
• Receive tips to connect your hospital’s nurses and EVS managers
• Learn how joint celebrations can help continually drive positive performance and teamwork
…and more

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Compass One Healthcare

Compass One is the union of two premier healthcare support service specialists – Morrison food and nutrition services and Crothall support services. Each of the 8 services offered by Compass One is a unique, specialized solution applying protocols learned in more than 2,138 locations through a combined 90 years of healthcare-only experience. Compass One Healthcare’s partnership with the Press Ganey is helping uncover healthcare insights through rich analytics that are helping hospitals transform the patient experience.


Press Ganey

For 35 years, Press Ganey’s mission has been to support health care providers in understanding and improving care delivery across the entire continuum. As a strategic business partner to more than 41,000 health care facilities, Press Ganey leads the industry in helping clients transform the care experience and create continuous, sustainable improvement. Learn more about Press Ganey.