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Sports Governance for Schools and Clubs. How do you prepare an international player for a life after sport? Is there something that a school coach can do to make sure that a potential international star can have a future after school?

Robin 'Robbie P' Peterson played professional cricket for 18 years, retiring in 2016 having played in 14 tests and 77 ODIs but his big life trials came after he retired when it came to deciding what to do next. Robbie was not idle when he retired, he immediately got into coaching and into mentorship roles but could he have done things better, could he have been more prepared for retirement? Robbie is one of the better prepared players but he is one of the few and not one of the many sports stars that have a plan after retirement. There are a lot of issues that these players have to go through and it often leads to depression. What can be done for these athletes at school to prepare them for the future?

Robbie is also studying an MBA in sports management and he is doing a lot of work with governance. Robbie will talk to us about what he has learnt and the case studies that he has done. He has seen a lot of common problems in South Africa that deal with issues that might seem to be unique to SA but we are starting to see them in all sports around the world. South Africa has got a unique situation where we need to look at the issues of the past and we need to address them both in practice and need to be codified in the governance and policies in a school and in a club. A lot of schools are doing it already but there is a lot more that can be done and there are schools that are not doing it.


Sport around the world has changed overnight due to the coronavirus and has become more efficient and focused to allow all players not matter their ability to express themselves the best that they can be on the sporting field.

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