Dr Kirsten van Heerden

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Building mental flexibility (not just mental toughness) for sport and life.

  • This week's webinar goes beyond sport and applies to all kids at school and adults, no matter how good they are at sport.

Mental or Cognitive flexibility is an intrinsic property of a cognitive system often associated with the mental ability to adjust its activity and content, switch between different task rules and corresponding behavioural responses, maintain multiple concepts simultaneously and shift internal attention between them.

Since cognitive flexibility is a vital component of learning, deficits in this area might have other implications.

  • Dr Kirsten van Heerden is one of only a handful of people in South Africa to have both represented her country as an athlete and also hold a PhD in the area of sport psychology. She has worked and travelled extensively within high performance sport for more than 10 years and her services have been used by many Olympians, World Champions and South African sports teams. Kirsten has a special interest in mental health in elite athletes and transition out of sport into normal life. She has published a book on the challenges athletes face when they retire from elite sport called ‘Waking from the Dream’ and hosts her own podcast called ‘Behind the Dream’ where she talks with some of the world’s best athletes about the ups and downs of being a professional athlete. She is also the founder and chairwoman on Girls Only Project – a non-profit company focusing on women in sport issues. Kirsten is currently in private practice in Durban at Newton Sports Agency


Sport around the world has changed overnight due to the coronavirus and has become more efficient and focused to allow all players not matter their ability to express themselves the best that they can be on the sporting field.

As a coach you need to stay ahead of the curve and keep yourself updated with all the new training tips and methodologies. We enable you to do this through our fortnightly webinars with a generic focus on sport.

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