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How do you keep up with coaching trends from all over the world? Can you learn from one sport and take you learnt and apply it to another sport? 

What a lot of people don't know about sports coaches is that they continuously need to learn to stay at the top of their game. They need to give all of their players the opportunity to learn and grow as individuals. We give coaches the opportunity to attend our webinars to learn from the best and apply what they learn to their own teams.

We get a look at a holistic approach to coaching and get speakers to talk about the top 1% as well as the other 99% of sports people.

  • Find out how coaches are tackling the new reality
  • Tap into the minds of sports industry leaders
  • Learn new techniques and get ideas to put more fun into your coaching programme
  • See what international sports are trying out
  • Learn how to boost your income stream
  • And so much more ………………….
REGISTER NOW and you will be kept updated on future topics and webinars



The sporting landscape has changed considerably in 2020 and whilst there are a lot of basic aspects that will return to normal there are also a lot that will change. How will sport change, who are the people that will lead the charge and maximise on the future?

Intune Communications, together with a host of scientists, nutritionists, psychologists and coaches, will be putting together a series of webinars on SPORT COACHING over the next few months and we invite you to join us in these FREE sessions.

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