Power Partners USA Marketing Power Circle 

Interesting Marketing Campaigns and Ideas from the Professionals Who Run Them

May 18, 2022

11:00 am - 12:00 pm PST 

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Over the last few months, we have met some very interesting marketing professionals. We have also seen some very interesting marketing campaigns.  

In this Power Circle meeting, we invited these professionals to introduce and update us on the latest in our industry. We will also discuss what is working and what is on the horizon in marketing to our prospective clients.

Power Partners in marketing and invited guests will be on the agenda to speak and answer questions about marketing.

Hear Discussion about :

• Marketing during an inflationary economy
• Marketing professionals using interesting campaigns
• New ideas and marketing processes to consider for your business
• Marketing during the pandemic 

Register and Listen to our Participating Marketing Professionals:

Kurtis Barnett, Mary Groom | The Financial Architects (PPUSA Member)
Michael Baugh | WolfgangMedia (PPUSA Member)
Rian Cooley | Rian Cooley Golf Academy (PPUSA Member)
Dave Finstrom | Hutdogs
Ruben Alvarez | Stay Connected 

Cost:  Free to Attend Webinar 

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Alan Armijo
Power Partners USA 

Since 2013, Alan Armijo has been introducing business professionals to other professionals who can provide repeat referral business or collaboration. Click Here to learn the benefits of joining our member network. 


Debra Armijo
Power Partners USA 

Debra Armijo is the Creative Director for iTrust Marketing and Power Partners USA. Her role puts her in touch with a variety of clients in need of visual and creative branding for web and print.