Resilient Infrastructure

The benefits of global industrialization have not been shared equally by all countries. Least developed countries are challenged to grow the manufacturing share of their GDP, especially in high tech sectors. Worldwide, the rapid growth of modern wireless networks are outpacing the growth of populations with access to those networks. The ninth UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) seeks to combat the challenges of industry, innovation and infrastructure. The LoRaWAN® ecosystem address the targets of SDG 9 with tech for social good use cases found below.

Water & Energy Meters

Smart water metering is one of the leading industries in the adoption of IoT. Most of the IoT Lora networks are being installed for the primary requirement of smart metering industry, and then leading to many other applications to be implemented in the same infrastructure. 

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Water Leakage Detection

Humidity and temperature sensors are installed in places where there is a high risk of water leakage. The sensors report their measured values on a regular basis and in the case of excessive values, based on monitoring values set in the device, will send immediate alerts. By monitoring the trends of humidity and receiving leakage alerts property owners and landlords can avoid serious damage or respond ultra-quickly in case of an incident. The sensors are connected to a public LoRaWAN radio network built for IoT, or can use a residential or private LoRaWAN network.

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Utilizing IoT to Monitor Concrete Quality in Large-Scale Construction Projects

Building a strong concrete foundation requires monitoring everything about the material. Elements such as the concrete’s temperature, strength, relative humidity and evaporation rate all require consistent tracking and monitoring to make it right. The embedded sensor requires a low-power wireless gateway, quick to deploy and easy to manage. In the case of AOMS, they selected the MultiTech Conduit, a configurable and scalable gateway for industrial IoT applications, to help get the job done. What’s more, each Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands ofLoRaWAN® (low-power, wide-area network)-compliant devices, including MultiTech xDot®/mDot™Modules and other smart sensors and transmit their data over any cellular network. 

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Plant Efficiency Improvements

Opening or shutting a valve seems like a straightforward task, until that valve is placed in an industrial environment, surrounded by chemicals, machinery, high heat and dangerous equipment. In such an environment, making a mistake can be disastrous. The time had come to automate the process. Aloxy considered all options, including current technological solutions to automate the process using wired position indicators or limit switches, which are quite expensive to install. Having assessed these, Aloxy decided to develop its own, more affordable, plug-and-play wireless solution that could not only determine if valves were in the correct position, but also enable realtime alerts, offering continuous no-fault information on the actual position of the valves. Ultimately, Aloxy opted for multiple low power wide area network (LPWAN) radio technologies such as LoRaWAN® and DASH7 Alliance Protocol to monitor communications from its ATEX/IECEx certified sensors, that were placed on the valves. 

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Digital Property Management for Public Housing

The trend toward surbanisation is only accelerating and the global shift toward amore urban global population has profound implications for a wide range of issues. One major change that will accompany urban growth is increased demand for social housing. With more than 35 years of experience as solution provider for digital transformation, Pinacl Solutions is working to improve current public housing challenges that are faced within the UK. Utilising sensors and the newest IoT gateways, Pinacl has created, the Digital Property Management solution to provide real time data to housing providers that is critical to the well-being of the tenants and the overall well-being of the properties.

For more info contact gzastrow@multitech.com

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