Sustainable Energy

Globally, more than 800 million people lack access to electricity. While the seventh UN Sustainable Development Goals seeks to expand access to energy, continued efforts are needed to improve the sustainability of clean energy sources.  SDG 7   seeks to improve access to green energy sources for utilities, transportation, cooking, and heating. See how the LoRaWAN® ecosystem is enabling tech for social good in the use cases below.

Smart Water Meters

Smart Water Meters support flexible prices and real time access to consumption logs, which allow costumers use water efficiently and to avoid waste of water. Management of water consumption not only saves water resources, but also the amount of electrical energy used for pump systems to deliver water to end customers by water transmission pipelines. Remotely monitoring of actual water consumption allows management and energy-saving of pumps (especially during night usages where at minimum levels).

Contact info@baylanwatermeters.com for more info. 

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