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Protecting ecosystems and encouraging biodiversity help to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. Unfortunately, illegal poaching and trafficking of wildlife, forest desertification and pollution are threatening that sustainable future. The fifteenth UN Sustainable Development Goal ( SDG 15 ) sets targets for restoring ecosystems and protecting the world’s species. Tech for social good Internet of Things (IoT) innovations from the LoRaWAN® ecosystem in support of this goal are shared below.

Protecting Trees from Invasive Species

International agricultural, pest control, biological experts convened at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome come up with a comprehensive plan to stop spread of the Red Palm Weevil. “The Red Palm Weevil represents the most dangerous threat to date palm,”Agrint has developed a low-cost and low-energy IoT (internet of things) system which can transmit early detection notifications about infestation of a tree. The “IOtree” solution can be used to protect date palms, ornamental palms, oil palms, and coconut palms. This allows farmers to increase the efficiency of pesticide management and save trees from damage, which eliminates costly replacement expenses.

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LoRaWAN® Solutions for Smart, Sustainable Agriculture

The low-power, long range capabilities of LoRaWAN® make it an ideal technology for the implementation of Smart Agriculture solutions. Whether its livestock management, precision farming, water management, pest control or equipment monitoring, the integration of IoT into traditional farming practices allows for more sustainable farming practices with increased efficiencies and reduced waste. The deployment of LoRaWAN® connectivity in the Smart Agriculture space gives farmers, ranchers, growers and operators unprecedented visibility into their environment, allowing them to make decisions that will not only increase yields, but also minimize the environmental impact. Today LoRaWAN® users are empowered to reduce water consumption, limit the use of toxic chemicals, reduce carbon emissions and raise healthier, happier livestock thanks to the visibility they have into their data from their LoRaWAN deployment. Check out the various ways TEKTELIC is helping their Agriculture customers be more efficient, with less environmental impact.


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Kanpeki Rice Uses WaterBit’s Precision Irrigation Technology to Grow Premium, Eco-Friendly Rice

Kanpeki has used a combination of WaterBit Carbon™ nodes and soil moisture probes to perform in-field monitoring and data collection of its rice fields. The Carbon nodes are waterproof, compact, solar-powered, battery-free, long-range (LoRa) radio-powered devices that are placed directly in the rice fields and collect in-field data from soil moisture probes. The probes are are inserted 48 inches into the soil and pull six sensor-depth readings. Carbon nodes stay out of the way of harvest operations and require no towers inside the field’s perimeter, so aerial operations like crop duster seeding and other aerial applications can happen as regularly scheduled. Carbon nodes communicate with WaterBit Connect,™ our cellular gateway, which relays the information to the cloud and into the WaterBit Dashboard™ where the grower can view the soil moisture and temperature data on a computer or mobile device from anywhere, at any time.

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Living Lab: Clos de la Tech winery in Woodside, California makes premium pinot noir wines using state-of-the-art WaterBit technology

Silicon Valley entrepreneur, TJ Rodgers, is WaterBit’s Chairman. He has created a Living Lab at his Clos de la Tech winery in Woodside, California, where he tests the latest irrigation technologies by measuring their impact on yield, water usage and wine quality. The water savings are quite remarkable as is the wine!

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