Climate Action

Researchers warn of the dangers of global warming beyond an increase of two degrees Celsius. Despite progress, urgent actions outlined in UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 ( SDG 13 ) are needed to prevent loss of life, preserve habitats and protect species. Innovation leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) addresses how to fight climate change with smarter, more efficient solutions for emissions monitoring, resource utilization and more. Explore some of these tech for good offerings from the LoRaWAN® ecosystem below.

Smart Water Meters

Producing enough water, using water resources in Smart water meters help consumers reduce emissions by decreasing their water & energy demand. Producing and transmission of less (enough) water: saving individual consumer's money yields saving total water consumption and saving water resources & energy, finally targets saving environment.

Contact info@baylanwatermeters.com for more info. 

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How LoRaWAN and Digital Twins Make Public Buildings Smart and Sustainable

How can public buildings used by different groups be better monitored and their processes of facility management sustainably optimized? DIGIMONDO found the solution in the digital twin. Digital copies of several rooms in a building display sensor data from a LoRaWAN network. The data from e.g. a CO2 sensor and a temperature sensor is stored, analyzed and visualized in one digital twin. The responsible employees sees all data in one place: Employees can easily set up alarms e.g. in case CO2 levels get too high which increases the virus load in one room. This results in a better indoor climate. The use case shows how a digital twin reduces energy consumption, creates a better CO2 footprint and optimizes facility management.

Contact  info@digimondo.com  for more info. 

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Kanpeki Rice Uses WaterBit’s Precision Irrigation Technology to Grow Premium, Eco-Friendly Rice

Kanpeki has used a combination of WaterBit Carbon™ nodes and soil moisture probes to perform in-field monitoring and data collection of its rice fields. The Carbon nodes are waterproof, compact, solar-powered, battery-free, long-range (LoRa) radio-powered devices that are placed directly in the rice fields and collect in-field data from soil moisture probes. The probes are are inserted 48 inches into the soil and pull six sensor-depth readings. Carbon nodes stay out of the way of harvest operations and require no towers inside the field’s perimeter, so aerial operations like crop duster seeding and other aerial applications can happen as regularly scheduled. Carbon nodes communicate with WaterBit Connect,™ our cellular gateway, which relays the information to the cloud and into the WaterBit Dashboard™ where the grower can view the soil moisture and temperature data on a computer or mobile device from anywhere, at any time

For more info contact@waterbit.com

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Living Lab: Clos de la Tech Winery in Woodside, California Makes Premium Pinot Noir Wines using state-of-the-art WaterBit Technology

Silicon Valley entrepreneur, TJ Rodgers, is WaterBit’s Chairman. He has created a Living Lab at his Clos de la Tech winery in Woodside, California, where he tests the latest irrigation technologies by measuring their impact on yield, water usage and wine quality. The water savings are quite remarkable as is the wine!

For more info contact@waterbit.com

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KLAX - The Optical Readout Device for Electricity Metering

Affordable and clean energy is often supplied from several sources and needs to be monitored regularly. With the KLAX, for example, the individual billing of solar power systems of multi-party houses is realised. The Modbus version of the KLAX is suitable for use in the infrastructure of energy suppliers, for example to increase the transparency in the networks or to monitor industrial plants.Responsible consumption & production requires transparency of resources, especially with regard to electricity consumption. By monitoring in e.g. 15min intervals, energy wasters can easily be found by private users as well as in production. One of the price issues for the climate action is energy, renewable energies are often subject to fluctuations in grid performance. Monitoring electricity can be part of a solution that combines renewable energy and grid security.

For more info contact info@alpha-omega-technology.de

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