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Globally, more than one billion city dwellers live in slums. With poor air quality, limited access to transportation, lack of public space, and limited waste removal services, urgent action is needed to improve the quality of life and safety for this at-risk population. The eleventh UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) seeks to make cities safe, resilient and sustainable. Examples of LoRaWAN® use cases for smart cities in support of  SDG 11  and demonstrating tech for social good can be found below.

Dementia Patient Care Solution

Today, 40 million people are living with dementia around the world, with forecasts showing that this number will triple by 2050. We have an obligation to care for our population as it ages; these are our mothers, fathers, and elders in our communities. Amongst those with dementia, there is a dangerous, prevalent problem, which also causes caregivers stress and worry. This problem is wandering. About 60% of those living with dementia will wander or get lost by leaving their home or care facility, which can lead to injury or possibly death.

CareBand was founded in 2016 with the mission of helping seniors living with dementia stay safe and providing families with peace of mind. By combining LoRaWAN communication technology with machine learning learning, CareBand helps caregivers check in on their loved ones and enables seniors to stay out of the hospital and remain independent for longer. The world is aging, and we desperately need cost-effective solutions today to help protect and support people at scale.

For more info contact sales@careband.co

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Water Leakage Detection

The project included updating of all drainage pipes and the electrical system as well as building refurbishment. A water leak in such a house, which in some cases could take three to five years to detect, would be extremely expensive and would make it very difficult to dry and rebuild. With this in mind, the installation of the new SenseIoT system was a very good solution for detection of water leaks and prevention of prolonged damages. The sensors are connected to a public LoRaWAN radio network built for IoT, or can use a residential or private LoRaWAN network.

For more info contact gzastrow@multitech.com

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Digital Property Management for Public Housing

Registered providers (often known as social housing landlords) own and manage social housing. Within the UK, these providers are responsible for managing tens of thousands of properties and ensure that properties and tenants are safe and well managed. Poor property conditions introduce serious problems for the property and tenant health, resulting in the need for constant refurbishments and costing millions of pounds every year. It was just these kind of problems that UK based Pinacl set forth to solve. The innovative end-to-end solution from sensor, IoT network to application dashboard – monitors humidity, temperature, Co2 and movement, saving housing providers precious time and resources while, freeing them up to better support the tenants. The new information acquired on properties also ensures that properties remain “healthy” avoiding costly remedial works or even, in some of the worst cases, full refurbishments.

For more info contact gzastrow@multitech.com

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