The Best WiFi Experience

Gigabit Internet + Managed WiFi

$ 66/month


To celebrate our 66 year anniversary, we are proud to offer a special on our best WiFi experience. Get Gigabit service (1,000 Mbps) - our fastest internet plan - for only $66/month for a year. We're also including our Managed WiFi service that has been upgraded to WiFi 6 – the newest technology in wireless connectivity that increases speeds and reach. Our whole-home Managed WiFi service removes the hassle and added expense of managing your home network. Also, now available is the CommandIQ app to control your home network from your fingertips. Our experienced techs will set you up and make sure you are getting the speeds you need throughout your entire home.


Our Gigabit speed and GigaSpire  router ensures you always have the optimal connection with the least interference with dynamic frequency and channel selection.


You won't pay extra for service calls. If we  need to come out to fix an issue, you don't pay for the in-home service! A $99 value.

CommandIQ APP

CommandIQ gives you an instant snapshot of your home network. Through the app you can view all connected devices, set up parental controls or a guest network, run speed tests, change your SSID and password and more!

Professional Installation

Our  techs will install and provision the router and make sure that all your devices are connected to your network.

WiFi 6

Our new router comes packed with WiFi 6 which provides faster speeds to wirelessly connected devices and also better manages internet traffic for multiple devices connected to the same network.


Our advanced device includes wireless networking with 802.11ax WiFi and four Gigabit ethernet ports, two integrated voice lines and a USB port for home networking.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"LightStream provides us the fast connection we need..."

The fiber from LightStream provides us the fast connection we need to provide the educational opportunities that our students need.

Adam Bennett, CTO
Eastern Pulaski Community Schools

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"The fast, reliable broadband service..."

The fast, reliable broadband service has enabled us, as first responders, to stay on the cutting edge from a technological perspective.

Bill Brooks, Sheriff

White County Sheriff's Department

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"We are so very happy..."

We are so very happy to have switched to LightStream, a local company providing local service, for us, it’s a “win/win”!

Cathy Gross, Mayor
City of Monticello

* Offer available to new residential customers with fiber connection. Our Gigabit (1,000 Mbps) plan is normally $100/month and our Managed WiFi service starts at $12/month. This special offer provides both services for $66/month for 12 months. After 12 months you will be charged $100/month for both Gigabit internet and Managed WiFi. Pricing is subject to change. No contract term is required to receive this  promotional offer and you can downgrade your service at any time. Phone service is not required. Please call us at 574-278-7121 with any questions.