Meet your perfect fit.

The NSF certified INFINITI FIT modular line is built to evolve with you and your operation. Its wide range of premium stainless steel units lets you choose and customize what you need now, and then easily add to it later. Plus, its maneuverability allows for thorough 360° cleaning and social distancing setups.

Be bold with your vision and watch as this beautifully functional line fits right in.

  • Streamlined style. Clean lines, hidden-frame stainless steel construction and our proprietary “locking horns” technology deliver visual appeal and a tight, solid feel. Panels and laminates are flush and cover casters for a “built-in” aesthetic.
  • Customization plus safety. Countless combinations of laminates and food guards allow you to create high-end visual appeal, while also maintaining a safe-distancing environment for customers and staff.
  • Smooth edges. Finished, welded edges won’t rip clothing or collect food.
  • Heavy-duty casters. Included casters make it easy to thoroughly clean around the equipment and relocate units for social distancing requirements or daypart transitions.
  • Remote compressors. All INFINITI FIT cold units feature an undermounted condensing unit. Select models also come standard with a remote compressor to allow for maximum storage space.
  • Hands-on craftsmanship and service. All-welded 16-gauge stainless steel construction ensures long-lasting performance. And as always, our team is here every step of the way to make sure your team is good to go.

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