How to Write a News Release That Actually Drives Results


Brad Kostka, President, Roopco

Julie Osborne, Account Supervisor, Roopco


Approximately 25 minutes


Want to drive greater visibility for your organization through regular media coverage, but lack a dedicated public relations professional with the knowledge and resources to execute this effort?

During this free webinar, Brad Kostka and Julie Osborne of Roopco, a Cleveland-based marketing agency, will walk you through the basics of developing and distributing a news release that produces tangible results. From promoting new products and services to generating event publicity and highlighting company milestones, a news release is a must-have tool for your toolbelt when it comes to driving greater brand awareness for your business.


✓ What a news release is and when it is used

✓ How to develop an effective news release

✓ What the distribution process typically looks like

✓ How to maximize media coverage for your news release

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