Enterprise Cybersecurity Certificate Program 

Cyber is a business issue. This is a program about business impacts. The best cyber, privacy, compliance and risk managers have a good foundational cyber understanding and need to have a well-rounded solid skill set of core business acumen in terms of analytical skills, and critical thinking focused on cyber risks. This program is about creating thought leaders and critical thinkers who can bridge these gaps. This program is holistic and starts with the basics, covering terminology, breach case studies, cyber program roles, processes and tools. It moves deeper into the integrated cyber risk perspective while exploring the newest regulations, security assessment frameworks, forensics and auditing techniques, cyber risk management and cyber strategy using hands on learning to inventory digital assets, perform privacy assessments, quantify exposures and risk model.

Flexible Options Online and In-Person

Our Enterprise Cyber Certificate Program is offered as a either a four day in-person or self-paced online open enrollment program equipping non-technical employees with the knowledge to prevent, address, and mitigate cybersecurity risks. Whether you participate in our in-person Enterprise Cyber Certificate program in New York City from October 5-9 2020 (tentative) or choose the online program and go at your own pace, you will learn to apply the principles and techniques that drive and support cyber resiliency today and in the future.

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View our Enterprise Cybersecurity Program modules below to understand how you can:

• Gain a holistic understanding of cyber security: people, processes, and tools
• Learn about the evolution of cyber from an IT issue into a business issue  
• Learn how and why to quantify and score cyber risk
• Confidently be able to communicate and speak the language of cyber
• Understand various cyber tools based on an organization’s maturity
• Identify and analyze regulations across geographies, governments, data types and industries
• Translate cyber risk management metrics into an effective and resilient security strategy for an organization

Module 1 Lesson 1  Evolution of Cyber

Learn about the evolution of cyber from an IT issue into a business issue, business and technical roles, the consequences of poor cyber hygiene and trends.

Module 1 Lesson 2 Cyber Basics

Learn to communicate and speak the language of cyber.  Understand how attacks happen and why.  Be able to speak about data breaches intelligently. Includes data breach case studies.

Module 1 Lesson 3 Cyber Tools

Understand what a cybersecurity tool is and understand various cyber tools based on an organization’s maturity.

Module 2 Cyber Regulations

Take a deep dive into cyber regulations across geographies, governments, data types and industries.

Module 3 Cyber Insurance, Tools and Maturities

Understand how to quantify cyber insurance, 1st vs. 3rd party risk, gaps in current D&O policies and how cyber claims get paid. 

Module 4  NYS DFS Part 500

Focuses on New York State Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Law for Financial Institutions.

Module 5               GDPR

Learn about the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation as it applies to the use and collection of privacy data and system security requirements. 

Module 6  Incident Response

Enabled investigation goals, evidence collection techniques and planning. Discusses cyber response planning, data collection and processing with acceptable law enforcement standards.

Module 7 Cyber Risk Mgmt.

Understand how to quantify and score cyber risk by evaluating and measuring your inherent and residual risk scores.

Module 8 Cyber Strategy

Translate cyber risk management metrics into an effective and resilient security strategy for an organization.

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Five Day In-Classroom $7,995
October 5-9 2020  In-person class at Pace’s NYC campus

• Cybersecurity course curriculum portfolio 
• Hands-on learning with VRisk cyber risk management platform
• Continental breakfast & lunch
• Evening networking events and panel discussions with cyber experts
Each student receives a personal mentor from cybersecurity elite

Online, Self-paced Learning 
Special August Discount-  $3,000
(regularly priced at $5,995) 

Open Enrollment

• All course curriculum available on learning management platform
• Group discussions with diverse peers
• Interactive projects and case studies
• Each student receives a personal mentor from cybersecurity elite

• Hands-on learning with VRisk cyber risk management platform

Meet Our Cybersecurity Faculty

Dedicated faculty with real-life industry knowledge are utilized in order to provide a high-quality stimulating learning experience, as well as providing the most up-date techniques and information to your organization.  


Ariel Evans

In addition to being Founder and CEO of Cyber Intelligence 4U, Ariel also is Founder and CEO of Cyber Innovative Technologies- a cyber risk management software company. Ariel is a serial entrepreneur, former CISO and expert in risk management and cybersecurity. She has successfully built market-defining, data and analytics businesses, and is a thought leader in the area of cyber risk. Her book Managing Cyber Risk was released in 2019 by Routledge. 


Chris Baker

Chris Baker is a Vice President with Citi Bank and is the North America lead of Citi's Global Cyber Threat Exercise Team. Chris travels globally to conduct strategic planning and cyber crisis management exercises that serve to prepare Citi’s franchise leaders for response to significant cybersecurity incidents. Chris and the Global Cyber Threat Exercise Team routinely mentor Citi’s country CEO’s, board members, and regional and global leaders on matters of cybersecurity incident response and coordination.


Catherine Tomasi

Catherine Tomasi is Executive Director, Head of Information Security & Privacy, Operational Risk, at a large multi-national bank. Her experience has focused on risk management and compliance advice and guidance related to
international data privacy and bank secrecy laws involving data collection, use, processing, sharing, protection, and cross border data flow. She is also experienced in US interagency and state regulations regarding consumer privacy and notification of privacy breaches.


Richard Hudson

Richard is a Senior Manager with Treliant. He has over 25 years of experience in information security, compliance, risk management, business continuity and information technology. Prior to joining Treliant, Richard has held senior leadership roles, most recently as Vice President of Cybersecurity and Data Protection at Cordium, where he advised clients on compliance in areas including cybersecurity, IT management, risk management, and business continuity. 


Jordan Strauss

Jordan serves as the Associate Managing Director at Kroll He has served in a number of national security roles during his government service; Director on the White House National Security Council, Deputy Justice Attaché and Senior Legal Advisor to the U.S. Justice Department in Kabul, Afghanistan, Federal Prosecutor, Justice Department’s Senior National Security and Crisis Lawyer and Planner, and Trial Attorney. 


Adam Cottini

As the Director of Business Development at CrowdStrike, Adam focuses on the insurance and legal verticals in the Americas. His cyber insurance and cyber risk management experience provides clients with invaluable expertise. He’s responsible for developing and managing relationships as he provides stewardship, guidance and support in incident response engagements, as well as proactive programs to manage cyber risks.


Meredith Schnur

Meredith acts as Managing Director, US Cyber Brokerage Leader at Marsh USA. Recognized risk management and cyber insurance industry leader, Meredith has had success building, managing and leading specialty insurance teams and strategic relationships with external partners. In 2007, she established Wells Fargo Insurance Services USA Inc.’s technology, privacy and network risk practice.


James Mottola

James is a Vice President of Data Privacy, Investigations and Security for Porzio Compliance Services. He has more than 25 years of experience in the United States Secret Service. He leverages his experience to counsel and advise clients on matters of information security, data privacy, physical security, schools safety, internal corporate investigations, incident response management, and other compliance related matters.


Who Should Attend?

Our courses were created to reach across industry, role, and cyber and IT competencies.  Our program is designed for professionals to develop their cybersecurity awareness in order to better equip themselves, their teams, and their organizations with the tools and strategies needed to become more cyber resilient.


Our Program Offerings

Our interdisciplinary approach to cybersecurity ensures complete understanding of the cyber landscape across a variety of roles and cyber skill levels. View our full syllabus of programs and course modules  here .  

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Custom Programs for Corporations

increase the resiliency of your organization, one employee at a time

Whether sending small teams of employees to the Pace in-person program or hosting the program on site, custom programs often generate increased ROI for firms by aligning the curriculum to particular business issues facing the organization. 

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About our Cybersecurity Advisory Board

The Cybersecurity Advisory Board at Pace is comprised of a diverse, innovative, and extremely well-connected network of top-flight executives.  Cybersecurity advisory board members contribute to the Seidenberg School by:

• Collaborating with faculty chairs to continue to enhance the reputation and quality of the School through credit and noncredit program offerings to the community, as well as helping build our value to the business community

• Offering the benefits of your experience to our faculty and students through occasional classroom visits, panels and conferences, mentoring, internship opportunities at your company, and input on our programs

• Promoting the School’s goal of linking industry with academia to help ensure our work is relevant and benefits the business community

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