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Little Feet Conditions for Kids

Children and adolescents experience a variety of foot and ankle problems – from congenital disorders such as severe flatfoot, to sports injuries, to ingrown nails.

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1 Foot 2 Foot provides medical relief for children and adolescent foot problems from Bunions to ingrown toenails.

What are Common Pediatric foot problems?

Children and adolescents experience foot and ankle problems too – from severe flatfoot to ingrown nails. Learn More in our Guide.

What is Proper Foot Development?

Our guide offers helpful insight into the American Pediatric Medical Associations recommendations for infant foot development.

Does Your Child Have Ingrown Toenails?

Abnormal pressure on kids feet can sometimes cause ingrown toenails. Learn how to manage ingrown toenails in our guide.

Know When to Treat Flat Feet in Children?

To treat or not to treat a pediatric flatfoot has been debated over the past many decades. Find out whether you need your child to be seen by a doctor in our FREE guide.

The Suffolk, VA podiatrists, the North Suffolk, VA podiatrists and the  Hampton, VA podiatrists of 1Foot 2Foot treat all medical and surgical  foot and ankle conditions. Our licensed podiatrists in Suffolk, North  Suffolk and Hampton, Virginia (VA) have helped over 25,000+ patients  find relief for their foot pain, heel pain and ankle pain, and we can  help you too! 1Foot 2Foot can help treat all foot and ankle conditions,  including, Achilles pain, bone spurs, bunions, children's foot  conditions, women's foot conditions, diabetic foot conditions, diabetic  neuropathy, flat feet, foot pain, hammertoes, heel pain, high-arched  feet, ingrown toenails, custom orthotics, peripheral nerve surgery,  toenail fungus and more.

With the most effective and state-of-the-art, quality  podiatry care services in Suffolk, we can help you return to a pain-free  life and get back to the things you love! Come experience 1Foot 2Foot  and you will see we offer the best podiatry care to patients in and  around Suffolk, VA, North Suffolk, VA, Hampton, VA, Chesapeake, VA,  Portsmouth, VA, Newport News, VA, Carrollton, VA, Smithfield, VA,  Norfolk, VA and Virginia Beach, VA.