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Re-Engage Anonymous Website Visitors with Automated Targeted Direct Mail
First 200 Qualified Leads FREE

With REV technology you and your team will...
- Identify Anonymous Website Visitors
- Identify Abandoned Shopping Carts
- Generate Qualified Leads
- Match a Physical Mailing Address with 95% Accuracy
- Compliment  Your Current Retargeting Efforts
- Deploy a True OmniChannel Campaign
- Leverage Direct Mail with a an incredible ROI
- Build Immediate Rapport with your Audience
- Respond with Direct Mail on a Daily Frequency
- Launch an Automated Direct Mail Follow up Strategy

REV Lead Gen Technology takes Retarget marketing to an entirely new dimension.

200 Qualified REV Leads retail price is normally $400.00


with 1st Direct Mail Campaign
good for first 35 to respond.

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Re-engage website visitors with REV


Qualified Leads from your website

more than 90%

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