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How do you keep a firm grasp of your CRM, schedule and post your social media weeks in advance, funnel leads into your sales pipeline, create and manage marketing campaigns, build landing pages, build and deploy emailers, build and manage automated workflows, and have in-depth analytics on all of it while staying within your budget? With Wellspring Digital, of course.

Marketing Automation platforms can be an extremely useful and powerful tool if you have someone (or a team) that can manage it. This is easier said than done for most small to medium-sized businesses operating on a narrow marketing budget.

With Wellspring Digital's Marketing Automation team, you get dedicated Marketing Automation professionals who are certified, tried, and tested in multiple platforms. We're platform agnostic, so if you have a platform already in place and just need someone to manage it, we're your team. If you want a platform setup, but don't know what you need, we're your team.

We could drone on and on about the wonders of Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing, but what you care most about is converting leads into paying customers without spending a fortune. Our core principles of honesty, integrity, and delivering results, mixed with our proven philosophy of optimize budgets, focus on conversions, and analyze and adapt is a winning strategy for our clients.

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We Don't Sell You the Platform, We Sell You The Team and the Strategy

With Marketing Automation, one of two things tend to happen - a business buys the platform but doesn't know how to use it, or an agency manages it for them but the business has no idea what the agency is doing.

Our core principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Deliver Results are baked into our Marketing Automation process. We don't just put a platform in place or take over an existing one, then cover it in a cloak of secrecy, we show you everything we do in the platform and give you consistent, tangible updates on how the campaign is going. 

What drives our success with Marketing Automation is our phased approach from beginning to end. Before we do anything in the platform, we scope it out and judge its usefulness in the overall approach to ensure all components are working together toward the overall goal - increased revenue.