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Ad Agency Marketing Automation Platform

Fully Customized for Your Business Development Program

Find more prospects. Accelerate the journey. Convert more clients. 

Affordable. Easy to use. Powerful. Backed by 20 years of Ad Agency new business experience.

Set up and configured for the way your Ad Agency does business development.

Let's Get STarted

Compete with the big agencies on your own Marketing Automation Platform

I stumbled upon SharpSpring a couple of years ago while using HubSpot. I liked it so much I switched. I started showing it to all my clients and everyone signed up. Today I am a reseller and I want to get you up and running on your own fully featured Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) that I will customize specifically for your business development goals. I all it the Ad Agency Marketing Automation Platform. Together we define your BD strategy and then I configure your SharpSpring just for you. No capital investment. No steep learning curve. None of the frustration, confusion, and dissension that typically comes with the other systems. Now you can get an Ad Agency Marketing Automation Platform.


What makes this offer unique is that it comes with my 20 plus years doing ad agency new business AND hands-on experience setting up and using SharpSpring exclusively for ad agency business development. Other systems come with generic user functions and settings configured for the lowest common denominator. I make sure your system is configured just right for you and your team, and everyone who uses it gets trained on the things they need to know to make it work for them. In addition, I coach your BD people along so that everyone is comfortable, confident, and excited – an invaluable tool for the agency. SharpSpring includes just the right functions that are invaluable in today's marketplace and integrates them seamlessly into an intuitive, easy-to-use tool. That's my Ad Agency Marketing Automation Platform.

Read more about How to get real value from your marketing automation.


I’m so confident you’ll like it as much as my other ad agency clients, I’ll give you the first 30 days for free, no commitment necessary, no credit card, so you can test drive it, explore the ways it can make you more productive, more proactive, and more successful. If you don’t agree it is the best thing since excel, you have lost nothing except your curiosity. I want you to be competitive in this new era of ad agency business development, but I also want you to be confident in such an investment. That's why I offer absolutely no risk for you to try it out, except the risk of finding a great new tool. In fact, depending on what you are paying for now, you may be able to save money by subscribing. You can stop paying for an email platform, a social media platform, a website tracker subscription, and other services because they are all included in this package – the first Ad Agency Marketing Automation Platform.


The Ad Agency Marketing Automation Platform - made simple

Your Price: $650 $450 monthly, 10,000 contacts , (a $200 discount, enough contacts to grow with, and all the other great features included)

Or $875, $675 monthly, 20,000 contacts, (a great deal for agencies with high volume specialized services and lots of contacts to manage)

and $1,800 one-time set-up, onboarding, training, and business development strategy

Total cost first month; $2,250 . Each month after,  $450 , cancel anytime

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For pricing comparison, go to the SharpSpring website; www.sharpspring.com/pricing and see how much they charge for the same subscription. You'll see this and know that you save $200 a month subscribing with me.


Once your 30-day trial is up you can subscribe on a month-to-month basis, no long-term contract, leave any time, no annual cash outlay. Just pay the monthly fee automatically charged to your credit card before each month. You get a fully featured, fully functioning MAP for $200 less than SharpSpring’s published price AND for the same one-time onboarding fee that they charge, $1,800, you get my expertise to setup your system while working with you to define your agency’s new business strategy and tactics to be sure you get the most out of your SharpSpring investment. After all, that is precisely what I do for my clients. You’ll have a platform you can immediately use, a platform that feels and works for you, not against you – a high-performance business development machine that we define together.

If you are considering which platform is right for you, download the SharpSpring Comparison Tool to see how prices, features, and user reviews compare across the top platforms.

Included in the $1,800 one-time set-up fee is 12, 1-hour live screenshare training sessions to make sure you and your team understand and can use the platform most effectively. The first 6 sessions cover the 6 primary functions of the platform and the second 6 sessions cover more advanced functions. In addition, you get free unlimited technical support and free ongoing training as you need it. You also get free feature upgrades (you should see their roadmap - wow!) and fast help with anything to do with the platform or your new business strategy and execution. Below is an example of the training sessions. Yours will be customized for your agency needs and experience.


What you get:

  • Ad agency business development strategy recommendations
    • New business coaching, analysis, and suggestions to optimize the platform
      • Platform subscription, month-to-month, 30-day cancelable
        • Platform set-up based on your agency needs
        • Onboarding and ongoing training
        • Data migration, if needed
        • CRM, sales pipeline, automation tools, content builder, media center, personas
        • Website visitor tracking, business email synchronization, analytics, and reporting tools
        • Content calendar, emails, social, landing pages, form building
        • Monthly tips, tricks, and how-to’s, quarterly progress meetings, annual planning meeting
        • Open access to the support forum and user community
        • Free technical support, feature improvements, future upgrades, and platform enhancements
30-day free trial

Not convinced?

I am a little biased because I have the advantage of knowing how well it works for me. That's why I developed this special offer for ad agencies like yours. The value of having someone who knows the system, knows your business, and knows what you are going to do with it makes all the difference. You aren't just given a password and left on your own. You get the SharpSpring platform and the right expertise to make sure it works for you. The best way to air your concerns is to schedule a call and let me show you how I use it and what I've learned over the last couple of years so I can save you from making the same mistakes I made. If you aren't ready for a call, try checking out some additional information I've highlighted below.

How to get real value from your marketing automation it's just a tool

See what SharpSpring says about their product from a features overview

3 essential business development tools that I use every day to find new clients for my agencies

Marketing automation for business development and why I won't start my day without it

Do names like Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, make you tremble? I used most of the top names doing ad agency business development. Every agency subscribed to one CRM or another MAP systems or other similar tools. I invested way too much time and money to learn each one hoping to achieve the spectacular results they all claim. However, each time I came to realize these systems weren’t designed for me or ad agency business development. They were made for big enterprises with hundreds or thousands of users slogging their way through overcomplicated sales processes. Each time I felt like I had to reprogram the missile defense system just to accomplish a few simple tasks. I was frustrated and unmotivated because I couldn’t get the things to work well enough to make it worthwhile. So each time I ended up back to my spreadsheets vowing never to leave again – until I met SharpSpring.

I talk with many agencies, and one common concern is the learning curve of a new system. Some have spent obscene amounts of time and money on a CRM or MAP and got nothing out of it. Statistically speaking, almost 64% of companies fail to adopt a marketing automation platform. A recent Econsultancy study found that 37% of users say their marketing automation efforts are not at all successful. SharpSpring has lots of built-in help like page-relevant help menus full of video tutorials, documentation, community forums, and other support to make sure questions are answered immediately.


I looked at the data to understand why so many companies fail to adopt their system. The primary reasons are the learning curve, poor UX, counterintuitive processes, and a general fear of change. That is why my approach is better. When you subscribe I make sure your people get trained, get over any fears, and have the confidence to use the platform, so your investment will be worthwhile. SharpSpring has an awesome UX and agency-intuitive processes. Should anyone get stuck, I'm on call for whatever questions arise, or if something doesn't seem to work right, or the steps aren't obvious. If I don't have the answers, I've got a great team of operations and technical support behind me - unlimited free support.

As an ad agency business development consultant I know the pressure to make every minute count, the anxiety of getting it all done, and the frustration of being sidetracked by things outside the job requirements like learning a new process. That is why I believe having someone with my experience to train you on this platform is the best of both worlds. I've already vetted it. I know how to make it synchronize with how you think and how you work. I know how to get the speed and effectiveness it promises to allow you to put your energy and intellect toward the real challenges of agency growth. With robust sales pipeline functionality shown below you can see and report where your prospects are in the pipeline, determine the best next steps to move them forward, and draw on data to better forecast revenue for the future.


Think about it. As your prospects grow in their career, they take on more responsibilities, sit on bigger budgets, move to larger companies, gain greater authority and autonomy to hire you. If they are stuck in a row and column somewhere buried in a spreadsheet along with hundreds of others you can’t track their progress, see their growth, and develop strategies to engage, reconnect, and win them as a client. You probably forget about them after some initial contact. With SharpSpring, you'll get reminders, see contact and engagement history at a glance in the Life of the Lead timeline, get automated alerts when they visit your website or open on your email. You'll see when they engage with your social post or download a video. You'll be able to move them through their journey strategically and your funnel to get the highest value both short- and long-term. 


In SharpSpring you keep every prospect neatly organized, prioritized, and easy to recognize at a glance. Automated lead scoring keeps your highest priority prospects at the top of the list. In the set up we configure your prospect profile pages to display just the right information you need, for example, social media accounts, offline engagement like mailers, original lead source, relationships with agency people or partners, anything you want displayed to improve your chances for success. Almost every part of SharpSpring can be customized and individualized making it one of the most flexible platforms on the market. 


SharpSpring is dynamic, infinitely sortable, highly visible, and grows along with your agency as an increasing collection of possible revenue opportunity. A spreadsheet sits by itself idle waiting for you to open it up. SharpSpring sits at the center of insights, actions, and activities, manual and automated, recharging with new data, deploying new tactics, and realizing new possibilities. 

The Perfect Marketing Automation Platform for Ad Agency business development

SharpSpring was made for ad agencies; over 1,500 are using the platform, almost 7,000 businesses in total.

SharpSpring is affordable; up to 1/10 th the cost of comparable platforms, Month to month contract and billing, Free 30-day trial. No commitment or obligation. If you don’t like it or don’t feel you are getting value out of it, walk away.

SharpSpring is easy to use and grow with. A fully featured marketing automation platform includes CRM, automation engine, email and landing page builder, form builder, ecommerce, website tracking, content calendar, social media, sales, and pipeline tracking, fully integrated analysis and reporting, open API and compatible with major CRMs and other services.

SharpSpring has excellent support; onboarding, unlimited training, unlimited phone support, in-platform help

Ready for a 30-day trial? Ready to subscribe with no long-term obligation? You will get set up in exactly the way you want to run your business development, so you can start seeing the benefits faster. Also, you’ll have direct access to answers whenever a question arises and always be ready when the opportunity knocks. 

30-day free trial

Still not convinced?

I’ve been doing business development at a variety of different agencies for over 15 years. During that time I used many different tools on from Excel to Salesforce. More recently I've been doing business development consulting with many kinds of agencies. I stumbled upon SharpSpring a couple of years ago and immediately felt it was designed for Me. I’ve been a big fan ever since and use it with all of my agency clients to execute better faster ad agency business development. Let's get on a call, and you can hear first hand why I use it, ask questions, and make a better-informed decision. If you are curious about what I do, click on the picture below of my website and take a look.


Talk about power, SharpSpring is rightfully described as a marketing automation platform. It fully integrates a CRM function, an email platform, a website visitor identification feature, automation engines, sales pipeline management, social media integration, e-commerce front end, reporting and analytics tools, and much more, all interconnected to provide a complete picture of your prospects, your prospecting, and your profit potential. With SharpSpring, you begin with a lead in the database and manage it through the entire sales journey to close.

You may currently be using one of the best CRM, database, or marketing tools on the market. I mean no disrespect to any of them. What I found and bet you will too, none of them feel like they are designed for what I want to do in my day-to-day business development activities, my processes, and sales strategies. All the others that I’ve used felt like they were built for some other company and to make them work I’d have to make a few compromises, a couple of feature sacrifices, and endure much time-consuming training. For me, the top sellers offer too much horsepower, are too complicated to be intuitive, and too clumsy to figure out how to get the value out of a very expensive price tag.

How to get real value from your marketing automation

Over the last couple of years, many agencies have asked if I can set them up with a subscription to SharpSpring and customize it to their business development needs. I've had to say no in the past, but now I can say YES because I’ve become a reseller and can offer a very affordable solution. If you are interested in a subscription or want to know more about what SharpSpring can do for your agency, let’s talk. You can get started with a free with a 30-day trial to see how powerful a business development tool it is and then decide if it is worth subscribing. The perfect way to get out of spreadsheet hell.


Every client I’ve demonstrated it too has signed up. It’s too good and too inexpensive not to give it a try. I offer a free 30-day, no credit card, no obligation, why wouldn’t you, full-featured, fully working trial. SharpSpring is the only marketing automation platform designed specifically for ad agency business development and the only one I use. You’ll get a world-class platform as good as anything the big agencies use and my 20+ years of experience to set it up for you so by the time your free trial is over you’ll be running full speed ahead. Honestly, what do you have to lose?

30-day free trial

Marketing automation is not for everyone.

Sooner or later you will come around, and when you do, please check back in. Who knows where the technology will be and what incredible benefits it brings. Click below and sign up for my newsletter so you can stay up to date on all things ad agency business development. Let’s get started. #LetsGrow!


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