Securing Trust in Your Supply Chain
In an unprecedented way, the world has come together quickly for the fair and equitable distribution of vaccines to conquer the largest disease threat of our time. The life science industry’s innovation is on a world stage, and the pandemic has accelerated adoption of new technologies.*(Deloitte)

It is more important than ever that supply chains are up to the task of maintaining trust and ensuring patient safety. Tracing every vaccine dose and guaranteeing product integrity through an accurate inspection are the commitments of Antares Vision. 
That's why, to support the fight against the pandemic, we are focused on providing an integrated solution designed and manufactured to assure a perfect visual inspection together with multiple leak detection technologies in 5 MONTHS! (from order to FAT)

The Demo Video here below shows an example of an automatic visual inspection and serialization machine to ensure:

\  An accurate Visual Inspection for liquids and/or LYO
\  Container Closure Integrity Testing
\  Serialization (Optional)
in line Print & Check (UV Data-Matrix) 


The Vaccine Inspection Machine belongs to our patented Inspection Technological Platform equipped with innovative technologies to allow the perfect inspection of your products. It performs a wide range of controls: presence of particles inside the product, inspection of foreign bodies, filling level checks, container cosmetic and functional faults detection, application and verification of the label.

- Liquids / suspensions / LYO in glass SVP vials
- Up to 400 pcs/min actual throughput
Feeding by trays via rotary table or in line feeding
- Two trays-counted mode offloading after inspection
- Inspection od particle, glass, seal, FlipOff 

- Optical set up for freeze drying
-Outfeed in single line conveyor belt for connection to downstream equipment 

-Print & check(black or UV Ink) of batch data or serialization data on FlipOff / Aluminum Seal
- Connection to Avionics as line manager / OEE real    time monitoring 

-Available in 5 Months (from order to FAT)
Reliable: the machine is equipped with high resolution cameras supported by a proprietary image elaboration hardware
-Efficient: it provides advanced statistical analyses with detailed reject typology to help detect the reject causes  

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Protecting Products Throughout Their Lifecycle

Antares Vision leads the complete process of protecting products throughout their life-cycle by delivering the most comprehensive solutions in Track & Trace, Inspection and Smart Data Management. As the natural choice for the most demanding industries, Antares Vision is more than a technology provider. We guarantee product integrity and end to end transparency of your supply chain to create a unique added value: the complete trust of your customers.

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