Uphold Global Pharmaceutical Compliance with Inspection, Track & Trace and Smart Data Management

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Demand for the security and transparency of products is affecting numerous industries. Guaranteeing the origin of your products is becoming the first requisite of safety and represents the first step for building customer trust. Tracking offers the opportunity to guarantee the transparency of the supply chain and is built on the foundation of supplying important product information for the duration of its lifetime. 

For some industries, supply chain transparency is not a new concept. Due to heightened counterfeits penetrating the global market, public safety has been a growing concern. Regulatory compliance for serialization is actively developing as a consequence.

Our knowledge and expertise of product traceability within the pharmaceutical industry has led us globally into this expanding field. We can guarantee full traceability of the supply chain, ensure product integrity and safety and complete transparency including certification of origin, digital factory, networking of equipment, measurement of parameters as well as smart data management.

Protecting Products Throughout Their Lifecycle

Antares Vision leads the complete process of protecting products throughout their life-cycle by delivering the most comprehensive solutions in Track & Trace, Inspection and Smart Data Management. As the natural choice for the most demanding industries, Antares Vision is more than a technology provider. We guarantee product integrity and end to end transparency of your supply chain to create a unique added value: the complete trust of your customers.


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