VIDA Functional Capacity Evaluations

VIDA offers Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE's)

Our Director of Physical Therapy is specially trained on utilization of the Matheson system, which utilizes specific parameters and protocols to objectively determine a client’s functional capacity. This service is only offered at our Vida Everett location.

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What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

The FCE is a series of tests used to evaluate your work-related physical abilities.
  • An evaluation to measure a client’s ability to meet the physical requirements of a job or job-related goal.
  • Simulates work tasks such as reaching, pulling, carrying, lifting, etc.
  • Utilizes protocols to ensure safety and provide objective data.
  • Typical FCEs will last between 4-6 hours.
  • At the end a written report of the findings is completed within 24hours.

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Who Requests FCE's? 

Our qualified evaluator can determine any limits the worker (or employer) needs to consider
  • Medical doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • ARNPs
  • In some medical cases, a lawyer is able to request an FCE.
  • For Labor and Industry claims, FCEs will need to be requested by the attending provider.

When to Request FCE's?

A Labor and Industries claim will request an FCE after a client has attempted all other conservative care options, and the client is now at a point of determining whether it is safe for them to return to job of injury, or if they may need a transferable job option.

Insurers and employers want to be certain workers don't return to work so soon that they pose a risk to themselves

If it is a medical legal case, a request can be attempted anytime the client and representation would like to determine the safety level of a client and their physical capacity to perform job simulated tasks.  

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If you have any questions about FCEs, please feel free to reach our Director of Physical Therapy via email at