Build Your Incentive and Recognition Strategy for Growth

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A proven methodology. Motivate your team to work harder, sell more, and stay with your company longer.

You have been waiting years for this. It is time to revamp your sales incentive program. While the technology is extremely important, you need the goals and strategic implementation plan to back it up. With One10's inform, engage, reward methodology, you will be sure to get both you and your company's goals met.

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Incentive and recognition programs require specific expertise and no two are the same. We will promise you three things:



We have been in this business for a long time. 80 years in fact. We are excited to share that knowledge with you.


User-first technology

Our technology, PerformX® is more configurable than many off-the-shelf platforms and more cost-efficient than a custom solution.



Our goal is to achieve yours. We turn your objectives into a reality and scale up or down on support depending on your needs.

Real Clients. Proven Results


Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Employee retention and sales goal achievements directly credited to the recognition program exceeded 1,000% ROI.


Technology Products and Services Company

Our technology manages 600 promotions per month to 150 partners and 3,000 sales reps


Global Electronics Company

Top dealers that participated in the program grew at 25.7% where as non-participants only saw 11.9% growth.

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PerformX is a SaaS-based incentive and recognition technology platform solution that helps you amplify your business results.

We’re different. In a good way.

Our collaborative and strategic approach leaves no stone unturned. Because of our decades of experience planning and creating incentive and recognition programs, we ask the questions others in the industry don't even consider. And, our attention to detail borders on obsessive. All because we want your objectives met.

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Build Your Incentive and Recognition Strategy for Growth

Before you go and buy just any sales incentive technology, take a look at what we have to say.

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