What is Disruptive Seasons? 

Disruptive Seasons is a quarterly live-streamed event that showcases technology and related services. Utilising three virtual stages and an outside space the event demonstrates, in mixed reality, the speakers and products/services they provide. 

When is Disruptive Seasons being filmed? 

There will be multiple filming dates and times on offer throughout February and March 2022.

Can my PR agency or colleague enter the studio? 

No, for Covid-19 protection of our staff and guests, we are limiting the number of people within the studio at any given time and are happy to consider exceptions on a case by case basis. However be fully prepared for your PR Company representative to be turned away from the studio if no exception agreement is reached.

Who hosts the show? 

We have multiple hosts for participants although we anticipate many speakers doing a simple 9-minute overview of their company/product/service which will not require a host. 

Where does the filming take place? 

The filming will take place in our London South Bank Studios, alternatively, we can accommodate remote filming virtually if required. 

Is this live? 

No, each session is pre-recorded, filmed ‘as live’ and then added into the final production piece. 

What platforms will it go out on? 

This will be simultaneously-streamed across multiple platforms with the primary one being Disruptive Live’s event platform: https://events.disruptive.live/, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Samsung TV, LinkedIn Event, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, with snippets posted to our Disruptive Live App post Event. 

Who is the targeted audience? 

This is a celebration of Technology, therefore this is for all Tech & Gadget lovers. 

Are there any hidden fees/costs? 

No, this is not “pay-to-play’ and there are no fees or costs for our guests as this is a fully-funded show by Disruptive Live. However, we reserve the right to issue a £750.00 charge for bookings cancelled (or non attendance) within 24hrs of the filming date. 

Can I Re-Record my session? 

Unfortunately not, this will be filmed as if it were live. Due to respecting the guests, hosts and studios' valuable time we do not offer any reruns. 

Can I share a PowerPoint/Slide in my session? 

Yes, however, we will need the file at least 24hrs in advance of filming, and these cannot contain animated graphics. 

What is the video approval process for after my session? 

Each guest will be offered the exclusive chance to watch their recorded session with our production team at the end of the filming session.